Guide to Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts - Omor the Unscarred, Vazruden and Nazan

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Boss Fight - Omor the Unscarred


You will come to a fork in the path later in the instance. Most groups will go to the right first, which leads to Omor the Unscarred. He is a bit more difficult than the first boss, so some positioning tricks should be used. The tank should position Omor in the center of the room. Ranged DPS should spread out at maximum range, but still in range of the healer, who should also be at maximum. Melee DPS should attack from behind Omor. Throughout the fight, Omor will summon demons that drain life. DPS can usually kill them quickly, but this job is best left to melee DPS. Omor will cast a curse on a random party member which causes that member to deal significant amounts of shadow damage to every player around them. If possible, this curse should be removed ASAP. The group needs to be very aware of who is cursed, moving away from other players at all costs. Omar will also use an ability that launches a player into the air. There really isn’t a way to avoid this, so be prepared. That person will have to be healed quickly when they land.


Omor becomes much more difficult on heroic. The curse which previously could be removed can not be any longer, so positioning is key. In addition, the summoned pets spawn much more quickly, deal a lot of damage, and have a deadly mana burn that can rob a mana user of their entire pool in a matter of seconds. Pets and melee DPS should consider it their only job to keep these pets off of healers and other mana users and kill them quickly.

Boss Fight - Vazruden and Nazan


After defeating Omor, backtrack and take the path that had split to the left. This leads to the boss duo, Vazruden and Nazan. The fight begins after you engage the two orcs guarding the platform. Kill them quickly so you can begin fighting Vazruden immediately. Nazan is a dragon that will continue to fly around the sky breathing fire on the party. The fire will stay in patches on the ground, and standing in the fire will quickly result in death. Stay out of the fire. When Vazruden gets low on health, he’ll summon Nazan down to the ground, and that is when you should be worried. Finish Vazruden off as quickly as possible. The tank needs to immediately begin building threat on Nazan, and tank him facing away from the group.


The strategy remains largely the same for the guards and Vazruden. Speed is of the essence, as Nazan can land and off a healer or DPS before the tank even has a chance. Nazan is much more difficult in this fight. He will do an AoE fear that sends everyone, including the tank, running. Fear Ward and _Tremor Totem_should be used liberally to avoid an aggro drop on the tank. In addition, he deals much higher damage than previously. This damage is Fire, so Fire Resistance can be used. It may sometimes even be necessary for the tank to use a considerable amount of Fire Resistance to defeat him.

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Designed for players levels 59-63, Hellfire Ramparts is a fast and easy instance with great rewards. On heroic, it can be quite difficult, but players can easily master it on normal and heroic by following these simple tips.

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