World of Warcraft: The Nexus: Keristrasza



The servant of Alexstrasza’s flight, she was a friends to the red dragons and was charged with stalling Malygos in the Nexus war. The plan was to eliminate his consorts and then bring him to justice with a fleet of red dragons. While the plan worked in the beginning, Malygos then used his considerable powers to imprison Keristrasza and use her against her friends and allies. The Nexus binds her to it and to Malygos, but by killing her in the instance, players actually free her from his spell.

Her Attacks

She actually has five major attacks that she’ll use throughout the fight, but they are all easy to avoid and to heal up against if you are careful and your healer stays on top of things. The first attack is the Tail Sweep, which will do 600-1000 damage to anyone that is in the cone that she spews out, flinging the players back. And, like most bosses, she has Enrage as well, which will increase the physical damage that she does as well as increase her attack speed for 2 whole minutes.

Next, she loves to use Crystal Chains on players which will freeze you in place for up to 10 seconds. This is when movement spells and charms come in handy because these also do some major frost damage and while you’re frozen in place you’re also in prime position for Tail Sweep. She also has Crystalfire Breath, which does big time frost damage to the players in the cone in front of her, which slows you down and does DoT (damage over time) to those who are hit. And, last but not least, she also has Intense Cold, which is a DoT spell as well that will slow the casting or attack speed of anyone unlucky enough to get hit with this. It also has a debuff that does 100 frost damage every second and it will reduce your attack/casting speed by 10%. This also stacks up to 9 times, so if you take all 9 hits, that 900 frost damage each second. So you have to be very careful here.

Basic Strategies To Follow

When you get to her, she is frozen in ice. There are 3 orbs that are around her to summon her. You need to make sure that the area is clear of patrols first or this can really get you. When it is, use the orbs and release her. Make sure that you have your 3 DPS people use the orbs, and your tank be right there by her to aggro asap.

Make sure that your healer can immediately dispel the Crystalfire Breath and when you move, it will dispel the Intense Cold. But, it always helps to have someone who can help dispel these as some people don’t always watch their bars, but instead have to watch the boss. She will use the Crystal Chain spell on someone and then use the Intense Cold to do them in, so make sure that someone can easily get the Crystal Chains off asap. Also, everyone can easily jump when you see her shooting out Tail Swipe so they aren’t hit by it. It is a long fight with her, but a rewarding one when it’s all over with.

In The End

And, now you know how to defeat the four bosses of the Nexus. Just watch your backs and have a good group that works well together and you can easily make it through in one piece.

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