World of Warcraft: The Nexus: Anomalus



This boss is a monstrous arcane voidwraith that you’ll come up against in the Nexus. While he does have some of the same properties that other voidwraiths do, he’s a bit harder to kill off than a normal wraith that you will find in the game. His main attack is Cast Spark, which sends out some monster bolts of arcane energy at you that does some hard core arcane damage. So, this is one attack that you will want to keep away from, especially healers. He also releases certain rifts when he hits different amounts of health: 75%, 50%, and 25%.

Rifts To Watch Out For

He loves his rifts, that’s for sure, and he’ll use them at each of the three health levels that I just mentioned. First, he’ll use Create Rift, which will open up the Chaotic Rift near him. He will also then use Rift Shield, which basically makes him immune to damage while he channels the rifts. While this is going on, you have to concentrate on the rifts themselves instead of him, as nothing will do anything to him at this point. He will also use Charge Rifts where he channels his energy into them, helping to boost their attack ratings and ranges, and this will also help these rifts spawn Chaotic Wraiths.

Chaotic Rifts

These rifts actually cast spells as well as create the Chaotic Wraiths. First, they love the Chaotic Energy Bursts, which do a decent deal of arcane damage, from 244-406 right off, and then they jump off the original player to others. Every time that they jump to other players though, they’ll lose the damage that they do by 50% until it hits three different players. Next, they’ll throw out Charged Chaotic Energy Bursts, which do a monster amount of arcane damage, from 357 to 593. These also jump like the regular energy bursts, but these also fade out by 50% each time they jump for up to 3 times.

And, these wonderful rifts also create Crazed Mana Wraiths, which will shoot out Arcane Missiles at players and they will go for the mana users first, so make sure that your group takes these out asap when they appear, or they’ll take out your healer.


The main strategy is to take out the Mana Wraiths, the Rifts, and finally Anomalus himself. With this boss, you need to assign someone to protect your healer at all times, as this will be the first player that the Wraiths will go for. Keep the healer protected and alive, whack away at the rifts and wraiths, and you’ll make it through fine.

In the final section of this series on the Nexus, we’ll go through how to defeat the final boss: Keristrasza.

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