World of Warcraft: The Nexus Instance Overview

World of Warcraft: The Nexus Instance Overview
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The Nexus Lore & Background

One of the new dungeons in Northrend, the Nexus is found in an ice fortress in the middle of Coldarra in the Borean Tundra. In the beginning, this was where Malygos, the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight, dwell. Now, this dungeon is where several huge dragons have come to make their home near their leader so they can carry out his orders. While located in an ice fortress, the Nexus itself is a monstrous series of caves and tunnels that can easily confuse even the smartest players. Since the walls of the tunnels and caves are made up of a combination of crystal and ice, over time the dragons who live there have smoothed the walls down to a shiny, smooth finish, which allows beautiful rainbow colors to flow from the gems that have been placed in special areas throughout the walls. But, it’s not just the walls that are now smooth, the floors are made of stone, and they are also polished up to perfection and act almost as mirrors to those who visit this cavernous area. Players will also find beautiful carvings of the dragons that they are headed in to fight, in the walls and furniture throughout the area as well. And, you’ll find some awesome, life-like statues in the outer chambers which are all that remains of guests who showed up uninvited to the dragon’s home.

One pitfall of the instance is that there are no stairs. Instead, there some areas that simply open into a monster chamber and the dragons that make the Nexus their home just fly across into the portal that is normally on the other side. For this reason, players have to be careful where they go and step here.

One other thing to watch out for is that in the Nexus, like an M.C. Escher photo or painting, can change without warning, as the life-like statues and the rooms themselves have some odd magical powers that can cause them to change.

Who Will Players Find Here?

In the Nexus, you’ll actually come up against 4 main bosses and many mobs that are like nothing you have ever seen before. There are two ways to run the Nexus, in a 5 man dungeon or a raid, where you will actually fight Malygos. In the 5-man dungeon, you will fight four different bosses: Grand Magus Telestra, Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, Anomalus, and Keristrasza the dragon boss.

Nexus Requirements

For players that are below level 77, there is a quest line that will have to be completed first. You will actually start out with a red dragon helper, who will fly you to the entrance of the dungeon. Since there are actually two different 5-man dungeons here, you’ll start out with the one that is level 71-73, which is the Ice Caverns and then move on up to the Oculus, or Magical Rings, for those who hit level 80. The raid itself is called The Eye of Eternity, and is for players level 78+.

The next part of the Nexus Instance Guide will cover the first boss, Grand Magus Telestra, and how to defeat her.

The Nexus Map

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