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Exactly what you will need…

So you have been playing World of Warcraft for a while now and you have never chosen Engineering as a profession. Why? Because you heard that it was too hard? Because you heard it was too expensive? Well, it might be both of those – but it is also the profession that allows you to have some of the coolest toys that there are in the game. But, check out some of the cool stuff that you can make: Goblin Jumper Cables to resurrect dead players, Repair Bots to repair your gear anytime or anyplace, Deathrays, and even Shrinkrays. Really no matter how expensive it is or how hard it is to level, Engineering is really the coolest profession that you can possibly get.

This first part to the Engineering guide will tell you all of the materials that you will need to level your Engineering from level 1 to 375 as cheap as possible. Now, keep in mind that the amounts below are a rough estimate of what you’ll need, and you should overbuy each of these mats as it’s better to have too much than not enough. The good thing is that most Engineering items you make can either be sold on the auction house or can be vendored for a good profit.

Materials needed:

Rough Stone = 100

Coarse Stone = 90

Heavy Stone = 85

Solid Stone = 100

Dense Stone = 65

Wooden Stock = 15

Weak Flux = 35

Heavy Leather = 50

Wool Cloth = 15

Mageweave Cloth = 15

Runecloth = 35

Copper Bar = 60

Silver Bar = 10

Bronze Bar = 60

Iron Bar = 25

Coal = 5

Steel Bar = 5

Mithril Bar = 145

Thorium Bar = 350

Fel Iron Bar = 260

Felsteel Bar = 15

Khorium Bar = 80

Hardened Adamantite Bar = 50

Mote of Fire = 40

Mote of Earth = 40

Heavy Knothide Leather = 25

Deep Peridot = 15

Small Prismatic Shard = 15

Dawnstone = 35

Netherweave Cloth = 30

Alright, so there are all the materials that you will need to level your Engineering from 1 to 375. In the next part of this Engineering mini guide, I will show you what you need to make and where to train to go from level 1 to level 225.

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