World of Warcraft Engineering -- Getting from 0 to 150.

World of Warcraft Engineering -- Getting from 0 to 150.
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Gahtering Skills and the Path of the Engineer

The path to becoming a master engineer is not an easy one. Grand master engineers can build their own steam-powered motorcycle and a personal robotic butler that gives a player access to the bank from anywhere. Before getting there, you must go from zero to 450.

Mining provides the most support for engineering, as the ores and a few other required items come from mineral nodes found throughout the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor. Leatherworking can sometimes provide additional pieces, but it does not provide most of the materials required. Since Wrath of the Lich King, engineers can “skin” certain mobs to find certain engineering components.

Leveling Engineering from 1 to 75 in World of Warcraft

The Mechanical Squirrel, an Engineering Pet

A World of Warcraft player starts his engineering career by making rough blasting powder until 30. He should save this because he can use it to make explosives for later skill ups.

1-29: Create rough blasting powder. If you are a miner, getting the materials for rough blasting powder is easy

30-50: Make a handful of copper bolts

51-75: Create copper tubes

Return to the trainer sometime after you hit 50 so you get the Journeyman level of Engineering in World of Warcraft. You can continue leveling the skill to the journeyman level. WoW lets players train trade skills to the next level of expertise when they are within 25 skill points of the next level starting.

Grinding Journeymen Engineering in World of Warcraft (76-150)

When you get to 75 engineering skill, start the grinding process by making explosive components again. Players with the mining trade skill can get coarse blasting powder from tin and silver nodes. Make coarse blasting powder until you get to 85.

85-90: Now that you have coarse stones, use them to make coarse blasting powder.

90-100: Make copper modulators you know need, especially if you sold them. You need 20 copper bolts, 10 copper bars, and 20 pieces of linen cloth.

100-105: Practice Locks allow a rogue to raise his lock picking skill, but this engineering item has no other use. Make 5. You will need 5 bronze bars, 10 handfuls of copper bolts, and 5 weak fluxes.

105-120: Create bronze tubes. While the schematic do give you the materials you need, if you need to refer to them you need 30 bronze bars and 15 weak fluxes. You can usually buy weak fluxes from trade goods vendors or blacksmithing vendors.

120-125: Make standard scopes. Standard scopes require 5 bronze tubes and 5 moss agates. You can recover some of the money you lost raising engineering to this point by selling these at the auction house.

125-150: Create Heavy blasting powder. You need 40 Heavy Stone. Be sure to create some whirring bronze gizmos during this step as well, as these are a component for later recipes. 20-30 whirring bronze gizmos should be enough to get through the expert level.

Leveling through the World of Warcraft Expert Engineering (151-225)

A World of Warcraft Flying Machine

150-155: The bronze framework gets used for other schematics.Make 5 frameworks with 5 bronze bars, 5 medium leathers, and 5 wool cloths.

156-175: Make explosive sheep. To make this self-propelled explosive, you will need 20 bronze frameworks, 20 whirring bronze gizmos, 40 heavy blasting powders, and 40 pieces of wool cloth.

176: Make a gyromatic microadjustor. You can skip this step if you’ve bought a gnomish army knife.

176-195: Gather 40 Solid Stones to make heavy blasting powder.

196-200: Create 5 mithril tubes. These tubes get used later in scopes and other engineering schematics.

At 200 you can raise your engineering to professional level. You can also choose from one of two specializations. Gnomish engineering allows you to make things like the World Enlarging Device and Goblin Engineering gives you access to explosives like the Big One and the Bigger One.

201-210: Make mithril bars. You’ll need ten bars of mithril, 10 pieces of mageweave cloth, and 10 solid blasting powders.

211-225: Make high impact mithril slugs. You need fifteen mithril bars and 15 solid blasting powders. You can send these to your hunter or characters that uses ranged weapons.

World of Warcraft Professional Engineering Grinding

The Flying Machine – Master Engineers Can Grind to Make This

226-235: Make mithril casings. You will need 30 mithril bars to complete this section.

235-245: Make High Explosive Bombs. This item is not tied to an engineering specialization. You need 20 mithril casings and ten of the unstable triggers you made earlier. You also need 20 solid blasting powders to complete the ingredients for this schematic.

246-250: Make mithril bullets. An engineer needs 10 mithril bars and 10 solid blasting powders.

251-260: Return to the ever popular blasting powders. Miners should start collecting dense stone from thorium veins. Grind the blasting powder with 20 dense stones.

261-280: You should be in the highest level zone of the old world by the time you get to this level. Some of the mobs drop Runecloth, instead of exchanging this for the faction increases with the racial factions, save some of it to make thorium widgets. You need 60 thorium bars and 20 pieces of runecloth.

281-285: Create Thorium Tubes. You’ll need 6 thorium bars for each tube.

286-300: Create Thorium Shells from the thorium miners gather from Feralas, Silthius, Winterspring and Un’Goro crater.

Leveling Up as a Master Engineer

jeeves – A World of Warcraft Engineer’s Butler

Players train the master level of engineering in the Outlands. Alliance players can go to Honor Hold, Horde players can go to Thrallmar. Alliance and Horde players can train additional patterns in Netherstorm. If a player chose mining as his secondary trade skill, he should gather as much fel iron as he can to make leeling up easier.

301-310: Make handfuls of fel iron bolts .

311-320: Make elemental blasting powder, you just need a mote of fire and a mote of earth. You can also make fel iron casings, if you have enough fel iron bars.

321-325: Make fel iron muskets. Pick up 5 heavy stocks from a blacksmithing vendor. An engineer needs a fel iron casing and a handful of fel iron bolts in addition to the heavy stock..

326-335: To level engineering to 335, make adamantite grenades. Although mining can make the process of finding adamantite easier, a player may wish to purchase what he needs from the auction house. The grenades take 4 adamantite bars, 1 elemental blasting powder and 2 handfuls of fel iron bolts to make.

336-350: The Cenarion Expedition quartermasters Zangarmarsh sells smoke flare patterns. Engineers should work on their standing faction while leveling up the trade skill. Make white smoke flares to get to350. You will need 14 elemental blasting powder and 14 netherweave cloth.

If you are not level 68, run through the experience grind to get to 68.. When you get to 68 or if you can travel to Dalaran, train to become an Engineering Grand Master. Mine cobalt from the low-level Northrend zones or buy it from the auction house. Make 20 cobalt bars and turn them into cobalt bolts to get to 370.

371-375: Volatile Blasting Triggers are used for many high-end explosives and guns in Wrath of the Lich King. A player will need 5 cobalt bars and 15 crystallized waters. Crystallized water can be found on water elemental and ice-elemental type mobs and can be found from mining cobalt.

Grinding Grand Master Engineering

engineering motorcycle mount

375-385: Overcharged capacitors are used to make many Wrath of the Lich King engineering recipes. Overcharged capacitors require 4 cobalt bars and 1 crystallized earth.

386-390: The explosive decoys work in a manner similar to explosive sheep. They require 1 piece of frostweave cloth and 3 volatile blasting triggers.

391-400: Combine 8 cobalt bars and 1 crystallized water to make froststeel tubes. Do this 9 times.

401-405: Make diamond cut refractor scopes. An engineer who followed this levelling guide should already have the materials to do this.

406-410: If a World of Warcraft engineer does not yet have enough explosives to suit him, he can make a box of bombs. Combine 5 saronite bars with 1 volatile blasting trigger.

411-415: Make Mammoth cutter bullets. This recipe requires one saronite bar and one volatile blasting trigger.

416-425: Make saronite razorhead arrows. Saronite Razorheads are made from one saronite bar.

426-430: Goggles have long been a trademark of the engineering trade. Gather 8 saronite bars, 2 borean leathers, and 1 eternal shadow to make them. If a player does not have a better epic item in his head slot, he can equip them.

431-435: An engineer can soon make the ever-popular Gnomish Army Knife. He cannot do so yet. He should get to the required engineering skill level by making noise generating machines. This device requires 4 cobalt bolts, 1 overcharged capacitor, 1 froststeel tube.

436-445: The ever-popular gnomish army knife will serve an engineer or a character with other trad skills well.. This item that engineers can also use in lieu of a resurrection spell requires 15 saronite bars, 1 mining pick, 1 skinning knife, and 1 blacksmith hammer. It serves as all of these tools and all of the engineering tools. High engineering skills allow the device to bring a deceased player back to life (sometimes.)

446-450: While you can make the Gnomish Army knife to 450, it is only slightly cheaper than making Northrend Worm Hole Generators and HartSeeker scopes. It is easiest to buy the items needed to make these items from the auction house. An engineer needs plenty of eternal shadow, eternal air, eternal fire and eternal water to get to the current pinnacle of engineering.

At 450, he can make the motorcycle and the ever popular Jeeves. He can also save some money on enchants by tinkering a few of his items. An engineer can boost spell power, haste, and crit rating through this skill.