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The Engineering profession allows characters to make many interesting items that are both a hit on the auction house and in play. Gnome engineers can create such items as battle chickens and death rays, but Gnome engineered devices also have a chance to breakdown or malfunction on use.

To have a specialty in gnome engineering you get access to the following schematics.

Gnome Engineering Schematics

Gnomish Shrink Ray – Made with two Jade, four Mithril Bars, four Flask of Mojo, a Mithril Tube, and an Unstable Trigger. Available at skill level 205, this item shrinks the target, reducing their attack power by 250.

Plans: Inlaid Mithril Cylinder – Made with an engineer’s ink, and a blank parchment. Available at skill level 205.

Lil' Smoky – Made with a truesilver bar, two mithril bars, a core of earth, a fused wiring, and two gyrochronatom. Available at skill level 205, this manufactures a small robotic pet that follows you around. It is a non-combat pet and will not aid you in battle.

Gnomish Goggles – Made with fire goggles, two flask of mojo, two gold power core, two heavy leathers, and a mithril tube. Available at skill level 210.

Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector – Made with four Mithril Bars, a mithril tube, two shadow silk, two solid basting powders, and four thick spider’s silk. Available at skill level 210. It casts a net on a target immobilizing them. When it backfires it will either net the caster or both the caster and target.

Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt – Made with two aquamarine, two truesilver bars, four mithril bars, a dusky belt, and an unstable trigger. Available at skill level 215. this item will allow you to absorb up to 500 damage from any source. If it backfires, however, you will be banished for 20 seconds.

Gnomish Rocket Boots – Made with black mageweave boots, four gyrochronatom, four heavy leather, two mithril tubes, and eight solid blasting powders. Available at skill level 225, the boots provide a 60% increase in run speed for a random duration up to 20 seconds. If they backfire you will lose control of your character’s movement for a random duration and the boots will move you in random directions.

Gnomish Battle Chicken – Made with two jades, a gold power core, six truesilver bars, six mithril bars, two inlaid mithril cylinders, and a mithril casing. Available at skill level 230. Once equipped there is a 30-second delay before the item is ready for use. Once activated, it summons a Battle Chicken guardian pet that will fight for the summoner until either it is killed in battle or 90 seconds have passed. There is a 20 minute cooldown before it can be used again.

Gnomish Mind Control Cap – Made with two star rubies, four truesilver bars, ten mithril bars, a gold power core, and four mageweave cloth. Available at skill level 235. Allows an engineer to mind control an enemy and when triggered, it turns the target into a combat pet which will fight on your behalf for 20 seconds, or until dispelled. As a combat pet, the player can use the standard pet control bars with which to control it.

Gnomish Death Ray – Made with an essence of undeath, four ichor of undeath, inlaid mithril cylinder, an unstable trigger, and two mithril tubes. Available at skill level 240. This item binds on creation and charges over time using the character’s life force. It can then direct a burst of energy at an opponent.

Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan – Made with four aquamarines, four core of earth, two globe of water, an inlaid mithril cylinder, two truesilver transformer, and twelve mithril bars. Available at skill level 260. This item ‘safely’ transports the character to Gadgetzan in Tanaris when used.

World Enlarger – Made with a citrine, a gold power core, a mithril casing, two thorium widgets, and an unstable trigger. Available at skill level 260. This item enlarges the entire world for 5 min or until the character attacks.

Alarm-o-Bot – Made with a star ruby, four thorium bars, a fused wiring, four rugged leathers, and two thorium widgets. Available at skill level 265. The Alarm-o-bot lasts for 10 minutes and occasionally sends out a pulse which can detect nearby stealthy or invisible enemies.

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