Gnomeregan Quest Guide for the Alliance - Gnogaine, Tinkermaster Overspark & The Day After

Gnomeregan Quest Guide for the Alliance - Gnogaine, Tinkermaster Overspark & The Day After
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Gnomeregan is a mid-level dungeon. Players can enter at level fifteen but it is recommended that players be at least level twenty-five.

Gnomeregan, or Gnomer for short, has a few neutral quests along with a lot of Alliance and Horde quests. Quests are picked up all across Azeroth for both factions and in the instance itself. The dungeon is a twisting and turning maze. It can be extremely frustrating to find your way once you have has taken a wrong turn but is worth it in the end. This guide is first going to look at all the quests that will take a player into Gnomeregan, one faction at a time.

Gnomeregan: Alliance Quests

The majority of the quests that involve Gnomeregan are only available to Alliance players. Picking up all the quests is a great way to gain large amounts of rep with the Alliance factions but particularly with the gnomish people. Luckily most of the Alliance quests can be picked up in the major cities, mainly in Ironforge but there are some exceptions including one that can only be obtained in the dungeon itself. Unlike some of the other low level dungeons, there aren’t many prerequisite quests so players can pick up the required quests and almost head right into Gnomeregan without a whole lot of preamble.

Tinkermaster Overspark & T****he Day After

This quest is picked up by visiting Brother Sarno int he Cathedral of light in Stormwind. A quick trip on the tram will take you to into Tinkertown and right on to Tinkermaster Oversparks doorstep. Although not this quest is not required to pick up next quest in the chain it is an easy way to grab a little experience and rep with Gnomeregan.

Right after grabbing completing Tinkermaster Overspark, players can pick up the quest “The Day After” from Groam, who is also in

Ozzie Togglevolt

Tinkertown. This is another optional but easy quest. Just run out of Ironforge down into Kharonos to find Ozzie Togglevolt.


Ozzie Togglevolt will give out the quest Gnogaine and provide the player with a Full Leaden Collection Phial. To complete this quest players must use the phial on Irradiated Invaders or Irradiated Pillagers who hang out just outside the instance. Once defeated, player must then harvest radiation from them.

Alliance Quests Continued…

More Green Glow

After completing Gnogaine, Ozzie will ask players to collect more green glow and provide them with another phial. This time players must go

Gnomeregan Ooze

into Gnomer and use the phial to collect a sample. The sample can be collected from any ooze in the instance but the phial must be used on a living ooze to extract the sample. This may take multiple tries, not every ooze will provide a sample. Once the sample has been procured a timer will start. As soon a player extracts the sample they must run back to Ozzie right away. If the timer runs out then a new sample has to be harvested in the instance.

Klockmort’s Essentials

This is the only quest that starts in Darnassus, and it is optional, so many player opt to skip this quest. Mathiel in Darnassus requests that players visit his friend, Klockmort Spannerspan in the Tinkertown in Ironforge.

Save Techbot’s Brain

To complete this quest players have to find and defeat Techbot, then return Techbot’s Memory Core to Tinkmaster Overspark. Techbot is not


in the instance. He can be found by heading down the corridor to the right as soon as you get off the Gnomeregan elevator. Continue down the corridor to the large room at the end. Techbot is in the small room on the left.

Data Rescue

This is one of the most confusing quests in Gnomeregan. To complete Data Rescue, players have to pick up five cards in the proper order. First is the White Card. This is obtained by killing gnome mobs that surround the instant. The white will drop form one of these mobs. Next players must obtain the yellow card. To do this players go into the same room as Techbot. His location was discussed the previous paragraph. In that room there are several boxes labeled “Matrix Punchograph 3005-A”. Opening one will change the white card to the yellow. Next players will want to find the “Matrix Punchograph 3005-B” to change the yellow card to a blue card. The Matrix Punchograph is located in the room just before the green oozes. Once you reach the oozes, backtrack a little into the previous room. Look for a bunch of troggs with boxes near them, the boxes are the Matrix Punchographs. The next Puchograph is in the room with the oozes. In the center of the room is the Electrocutioner 6000, next to it is the Matrix Punchograph 3005-C which will change the blue card to red. To get to the last Punchograph leave Electrocutioner 6000’s platform, take a left then take the hallway on the right side. Take a left at the end of the hallway, then take the next right down a hallway that leads to an elevator. Head down the elevator to reach the Matrix Punchograph 3005-D which will change the blue card to the final Prismatic card.

More Alliance Quests in Gnomeregan

Essential Artifacts

This quest is picked up by speaking with Klockmort Spannerspan in Ironforge. He requests that players enter Gnomer and collect twelve Essential Artifacts and return them to him. The artifacts are spread out all over the instance. To grab an artifact players have to look for a large box that looks like a safe. Once opened the player will harvest an artifact. Once one has been harvested the safe disappears but may respawn again in a few minutes with a new artifact. Once twelve have been collected the quest is dropped off in Ironforge with Klockmort. Like most Alliance quests for Gnomeregan, this quest yields an excellent amount of rep with the Gnomes.

Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators

Shoni the Silent, the same NPC in Stormwind who provides players with the Underground Assult quest in the Deadmines, will provide with

Shoni the Shilent

quest for Gnomer. Shoni requests that twenty-four Robo-mechanical Guts be brought to her. The guts can be picked up in the instance from any mechanical mob. Once all twenty-four guts have been gathered they must be returned to Shoni in Stormwind. This is a great quest for rep. Completion of this quest grants rep with every Alliance faction, with especially large amounts with Gnomeregan and Stormwind.

Return of the Ring

The Sparklematic 5200 is located in the Clean Zone of Gnomeregan, and one of the items players will get from the Sparklematic is a ring which starts the quest “Return the Ring”. This quests ends by returning the ring to it’s maker, in this case it is Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge. The quest reward is a Brilliant Gold Ring. Players can pick up another quest in this chain from Talvash del Kissel to enhance the ring making into a blue item and providing a significantly larger stat boost.

The Grand Betrayal

The main quest in Gnomer is the Grand Betrayal which begins and ends with High Tinker Mekkatorque in the Tinkertown district of Ironforge.


This quest is pretty simple, find the end boss in Gnomeregan, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, and kill him. Killing Thermaplugg will complete this quest, and give the achievement for the instance. Players can choose one out of three different blue armour pieces as a reward for completing the quest. These rewards are very worthwhile for pretty much every class but the Triprunner Dungarees are exceptional pants for any leather wearer. This is also a great quest to help gain rep with Gnomeregan, dishing out a sweet 500 upon completion.

Horde Quests

Like the Deadmines, Gnomeregan is another instance that seems geared towards the Alliance but is also a great run for Horde players. Unlike

Gnomeregan Instance

the Deadmines, Gnomeregan does have some quests for Horde players. Another nice thing for Horde players is that they can reach Gnomeregan directly from Booty Bay by completing the first two quests below.

Chief Engineer Scooty

The first quest any Horde player should complete is “Chief Engineer Scooty” which is obtained at level 20 by talking to Sovik in Ogrimmar. The Quest is simply to find Engineer Scooty who is located in Booty Bay. The easiest way to reach Scooty is to go to Ratchet in the Barrens and take the boat to Booty Bay.


Engineer Scooty provides the next quest. Gnomer-gooooone! The quest simply has players wait a few minutes while Scooty calibrates his transporter. After a few seconds the question mark will appear over his head and the quest can be completed. The reward is a Goblin Transponder which is used to activate the Scooty’s transporter. This transporter will teleport players into Gnomeregan!

Rig Wars

Rig Wars is the main Horde quest for Gnomeregan, to complete it players must find the box in Mekgineer Thermaplugg’s room. Incidentally Mekgineer Thermaplugg is the end boss for this instance. The quest is picked up by talking to Nogg, the apprentice engineer in Ogrimmar. The quest requires players pick up two items, both are in Mekgineer Thermaplugg’s room. Once the items have been acquired players must return to Nogg. The reward is a choice of blue items and rep with every Horde faction, the lion’s share being with Ogrimmar.

Return of the Ring

Like the Alliance version of this quest, “Return of the Ring” start off by grabbing the ring from the Sparklematic 5200. Instead of returning the


ring to it’s maker in Ironforge, Horde players must return to Ogrimmar. The quest is completed by bringing the ring to Nogg. Players can then keep the ring or grab Nogg’s next quest “Nogg’s Ring Redo” which will improve the ring dramatically.

Faction Neutral Quests

The Sparklematic 5200! and More Sparklematic Action

These two quests are essentially the same. The first time a players find the Sparklematic 5200 it will change a Grime-Encrusted Object into

Gnomeregan Sparklematic

something that may or may not be useful. Once a player changes a Grime-Encrusted Object in the Sparklematic, the machine will spit out a gift wrapped box. Open it to see your prize. Prizes vary from grey items to iridescent pearls to green items. Once the quest has been completed it can be repeated as long as the player has Grime-Encrusted Objects to change into presents. The name of the quest changes to “More Sparklematic Action” after the first Grime-Encrusted Object has been changed.

A Fine Mess

Gnomeregan Kernobee

Inside Gnomeregan a body can be found of the goblin, Kernobee. Kernobee is not dead but needs help getting out of Gnomeregan so he can go home, to Booty Bay. Once the quest has been taken on players must guide Kernobee to the instance door. Players don’t have to leave the instance, just get the goblin to it. To complete this quest players have to make their way to Booty Bay and talk to Scooty. This quest hands out either some cloth shoulders or mail bracers which are excellent for level 30 toons.

Grime-Encrusted Ring

A Grime-Encrusted Ring can be obtained as a drop in Gnomeregan and starts a quest. To complete the quest players have to bring the ring to the Sparklematic 5200. This is the pre-cursor to the quest “Return of the Ring” which was looked at in detail for both the Alliance and Horde in the above sections.

This covers every quests that players can do that involve Gnomeregan. This dungeon is a complex maze and it may take a few tries to get all the quest finished off. In the end the rewards are worth it and the rep that can be built up, particularly for the Alliance players, is considerable.