WoW Dungeon Guide: The Stockades, What Comes Around, Crime and Punishment - Dextren Ward

WoW Dungeon Guide: The Stockades, What Comes Around, Crime and Punishment - Dextren Ward
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The Stockades and Quests

After the Deadmines, the second Alliance dungeon available to players is the Stockades, located in the heart of Stormwind, the humans'

capital city. Of all the low-level dungeons, the Stockades (also known as “the Stocks” for short) is the most accessible to players. It is also considered by many to be the least fun. Regardless, the Stocks does have a fair list of quests that can be completed inside, and since the dungeon is relatively small they can be completed quickly. One thing that does make the Stockades stand apart from many of the game’s other low-level dungeons is that there are no class quests that involve this dungeon. The Stockades quests are available to every class.

What Comes Around…

This quest is given to to players by Guard Berton. He can be found by the

Redridge mountains Lakeshire

, the only town in the Redridge Mountains. The deed that must be performed to complete this quest is to return to Guard Berton with the head of Targorr the Dread. Targorr is an orc that can be found at the end of the corridor which you enter at the door of the instance. He is well guarded, but can be pulled out of his room with only a couple of other mobs if you are lucky. Once you have obtained the head, it is just a short gryphon ride back to Lakeshire to complete the quest with Guard Berton.

Crime and Punishment - Dextren Ward

Dextren Ward

Obtained in Duskwood, the Crime and Punishment quest takes players into the deepest depths of the Stockades. It is given to players by Councilman Millstipe in Darkshire. Like the quest “What Comes Around…” you must enter the Stockade and kill one of the prisoners, this time a man named Dextren Ward. He is located at the end of the Stockades' western corridor. Once Ward has been defeated, if you have the quest, you will receive the hand of Dextren Ward. This quest is completed once you return to Councilman Millstipe in Darkshire and present him with the hand. For completing this quest, players have to choose between some mail leggings and leather boots in addition to picking up some rep with all four major Alliance factions.

Quell the Uprising and The Stockade Riots

Warden Thelwater, located in Stormwind near the entrance to the Stockades, provides players with two of the Stockades quests: “Quell the Uprising” and “The Stockade Riots”. “Quell the Uprising” is a very basic quest that has players go into the Stockades and kills a list of mobs. The list consists of ten Defias Prisoners, eight Defias Convicts and eight Defias Insurgents. The Defias Prisoners can be found at the beginning of the instance with the Convicts and Insurgents deeper inside. “The Stockade Riots” will have players out to kills another of the Stockades inhabitants, Bazil Thredd. Bazil Thredd is located at the end of the eastern hallway. Once Bazil has been disposed of, players will be provided with Bazil Thredd’s head to return to Warden Thelwater. In fact, both quests end by returning to Warden Thelwater and give only money as a reward, but they do also provide a fair amount of rep with all of the Alliance’s major factions.

The Color of Blood

Another simple Stockades quest is “The Color of Blood”. This quest is provided by Nikova Raskol in Stormwind. This is a great quest to do in conjunction with “Quell the Uprising”, as any mob in the Stockades may give up one of the ten Wool Bandanas that are needed to complete “The Color of Blood”. Once all ten Wool Banadas have been gathered up, players must return to Nikova Raskol to complete the quest. Like most Stockades quests, there is no prize for completing this quest beyond some silver and a healthy amount of rep with the Alliance factions.

The Fury Runs Deep in the World of Warcraft Stockades - Kam Deepfury

Another quest that requires a player to kill a specific denizen of the Stockades is “The Fury Runs Deep”. The quest giver, in this case, is

Kam Deepfury

Motley Garmason, a dwarf located

wetlands Dun Modr

. He requests that the player go into the Stockades and kill the enemy of the Dwarven people, Kam Deepfury. Kam is located in the second room on the left when heading down the eastern corridor within the Stockades. Once Deepfury has been dealt with, the player will receive his head which needs to be delivered to Motley Garmason in Dun Modr. The reward for this quest is a two-handed mace or a leather belt along with some great rep with Ironforge and a smaller amount with Gnomeragen and Exodar.