World of Warcraft Dungeon Quest Guide - Underground Assault

World of Warcraft Dungeon Quest  Guide - Underground Assault
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The Deadmines

The first dungeon for Alliance players is the Deadmines, commonly known in-game as “VC”, after Edwin VanCleef, the end boss from the original version of the dungeon. The

Deadmines is possibly the best of all the low-level dungeons thanks to its size, epic storyline and and shear volume of cloth-dropping humanoids. A labyrinth of caves which can be entered via a building in the town of Moonbrook in the southern end of WestFall, the Deadmines are held by the Defias Brotherhood.

Find the barn in the southwest corner of the town and work your way in and down into the cave underneath. Follow the right-hand-rule and you’ll be at the portal in no time. The minimum level to enter the Deadmines is ten, but it isn’t recommended that you try it until at least level fifteen. You also have to be level fifteen to gain access to the dungeon finder tool. And, while both the Horde and the Alliance can adventure in the Deadmines, their quests will be slightly different.

Once you hit level 85 and achieve the gear score necessary to queue for heroic dungeons, you can take on the Deadmines again in an awesome retro-experience you won’t soon forget with a bonus boss at the very end.

The Quests: Kill the Bosses

Westfall Map

The quest flavor text will differ a bit between the Horde and Alliance, but the goals are exactly the same. The first questgiver you see inside the dungeon will send you after the first boss. Be sure to complete the quest when you get the popup following the boss kill; otherwise, you won’t be able to accept the subsequent quests for bosses as they are offered.

The Foreman: Just inside the instance, near the teleporter, Alliance characters will see Lieutenant Horatio Laine. Horde players will speak to Kagtha. You will be tasked with with killing Glubtok, the ogre foreman blocking the way into the dungeon proper. Once the ogre falls, the door will open. Take the pop-up que to turn in the quest and accept the next stage.

The Carpenter: Now you’ll need to power through to the lumber area of the dungeon. In the Mast Room, you’ll have to take out not just the Lumbering Oaf, but the Goblin on his shoulder. Helix Gearbreaker is your main target. Find your way to the next closed door and open it to access the next quest in the chain.

The Machination: Here in the Foundry, you need to take out the Foe Reaper 5000. If you didn’t already know, you and your party members can appropriate damaged Reapers for your own purposes during the fight.

The Admiral: Pop that cannon to blast open the final door, and prepare to face the Admiral. He’s the Worgen at the top of the ship in the Ironclad Cove section. As he dies, he tells you a secret… what could that mean?

The Defias Kingpin: no spoilers here, but rest assured you will be trembling in fear when you discover who’s leading this brotherhood.

Alliance characters should make sure to do the Westfall quest line first in order to access the ending cut scene; while we won’t spoil the astonishing reveal, rest assured that it’s defintely worth it.

Heroic Deadmines

Cookies Tenderizer

If you’re ready for the challenge of heroic Cataclysm dungeons, you’ll find two of them are re-imagined instances from your leveling days: Shadowfang Keep and the Deadmines. Like all but the Z-roics, you’ll need a minimum iLvl of 329 in order to queue, although you can enter the dungeon with less than that, should you have friendly guildies who don’t mind carrying you. If you’re not there yet, keep running those regular randoms, watch the auction house for bind-on-equip blue gear that suits you and spend your points on vendor gear to fill in the gaps.

You’ll notice that the gear that drops in here shares names with many of those old level 15 items, although most have had a graphical makeover. In some cases, that’s really too bad, because wouldn’t it be awesome to tank heroic dungeons weilding a rolling pin? Of course it would! Unfortunately, it’s not to be; the redesigned Tenderizer at level 85 just looks pretty much like a mace.


  • Screenshots and quest text taken from the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm game client.