World of Warcraft: Violet Hold - Lore and History

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Violet Hold - The Set Up

Violet Hold General Information

Inside Dalaran (some sites say underneath, but the entrance is on street level and there is only a small flight of stairs leading down to the open space where you will face the bosses) is the Kirin Tor Prison called The Violet Hold. It seems that the Blue Dragonflight are using magical portals into this area of the city as part of their bid to take over Dalaran. The plan is, I’m assuming to free the prisoners and use them to assist in their fight against the city guards. At the time you enter into the dungeon you will see the prison guards fighting against several waves of Blue Dragon Kin. You can sit back and watch as long as you wish, and they won’t engage you in the fight. Once your group is buffed up and ready to go, talk to the Captain of the Guard, Lieutenant Sinclari. She will then pull her guards out of the instance, wish you luck and lock the door behind her.

The Mission, or Goal of this Dungeon:

In a nutshell stop the forces from coming into the dungeon before they can break through the locked door and “enter” the city.

The Process

After you start the instance up you will see blue teleportation portals show up in random places within the zone. Out of each of these will come a mix of elite dragon kin and non-elite humans. As you kill them off you will have a short time between portals to drink, assuming you kill them fast enough. If your group isn’t killing fast enough to drink a small amount between spawns you may not be ready for this instance. You will notice a counter at the top that starts off 1/18. Every 6 portals a boss will spawn for you to kill (it should remind you a lot of Black Morass). After every 6th portal is killed off while your group is drinking you will notice that a dragon kin appears and releases one of the prisoners from it’s cage. These are your bosses. You will soon find out that this prison isn’t for the petty criminal’s of Dalaran, but reserved for its worst offenders.