Violet Hold - Dungeon Guide (Regular) pt 2

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Bosses that are encountered:

You will face random bosses from the following list, prior to meeting up with the final boss of the instance (listed below).

Erekem – A shaman that appears with two (2) guards/adds along side him. When fighting him, engage the boss and have your tank keep aggro from him and his side kicks while the group just dps’s him down. Kill him first, then his adds. For some reason he is weaker while they are still up, but if you take even one of them down he starts to windfury proc and will wipe your group out. It seems counter intuitive that the easiest way to kill this boss is to fight three (3) mobs instead of one, but maybe that is Blizzard trying to be clever. It could be that the adds are linked to Erekem and when they die their spirit makes him stronger. Who knows, just kill him first and you won’t have to worry about it.

Ichoron – If you are a frost mage you are going to hate this boss. First off, he is a big water elemental so all of your best spells and ones you are accustomed to will hit for IMMUNE amounts of damage. So now you are going to be forced to use the less mana efficient Fire and Arcane spells. As you are fighting this boss you will notice a shield on him. The damage you are doing when attacking him is to his shield, not to him. Once you destroy his protective shield he will fall to the ground, and the graphic makes it look as though he splashes and spawns several mini-water elementals. They are all elite mobs, but don’t worry because they are low hp (somewhere around 4-5k hp). These elementals work their way back to where Ichoron fell, if you let them and reform into Ichoron. The part here that is confusing is that even if you kill all of them, Ichoron is still able to reform. When he does reform he is in a weakened state (less hp than full health). Once you get Ichoron down to 25% health he will stop summoning adds and you just have to dps him down. This boss is pretty easy as long as you pay attention. As noted above it isn’t fun for frost mages, but everyone else should have a grand old time.

Lavanthor – By most account this boss might be the easiest one in VH. Face him away from the group and dps him down. He uses fire based attacks so FR and any other fire based mitigation you can muster would go a long way towards helping your healer focus on the tank. Every account I have heard of people wiping on this mob it was intentional so they could start over and skin him a few times.

Moragg – Another typical “tank and spank” mob. He does randomly target and cast on party members from his eye stalks, but for the most part he is a straight up fight. One interesting fact about this boss, is that if you have a warrior tanking he can spell reflect on him causing him to lose large chunks of hp.

Xevozz – This is an interesting fight because it forces the group to work as a team. You start off the fight as a standard “tank and spank”, but as the fight gets moving along you notice that Xevozz starts to summon some orbs. Once he does this start kiting him around the room. Make sure that healers and range dps are standing in a place where they won’t have LOS (line of sight) issues while the tank kites him. The orbs themselves are slower than normal movement rate (unless you are walking for some insane reason).

Zuramat – Known as Zuramat the Obliterator, this is by far the hardest boss in VH. The tricky part of this fight is the adds that spawn and start attacking your party. They are invisible and can’t be targeted, UNLESS you have the Void Shift debuff cast on you by Zuramat. Zuramat will randomly cast this spell on members of the team. If you are the one that has the debuff, you are the one that can target and attack the adds that spawn. This isn’t that big a deal unless your healer is the one that has the debuff. Doesn’t do much good to have your healer stop healing to kill off adds, and if you aren’t killing the adds they are killing you. You also need to keep decent dps on the boss, because the faster he goes down the less adds you have tearing through your group.

Cyanigosa – A large dragon. She is the final boss in VH. She is an easy fight if you remember a couple of steps. First, keep the DPS and healers on her sides. Second, when she does her teleport it wipes aggro, so give the tank some time to get aggro again before you go crazy attacking her again.

In the end, this dungeon doesn’t take too long to complete. It also generates a pretty healthy level of xp for those within the proper level ranges to run it. I would suggest getting a decent group together and running it back to back the max number of times (5) that you can reset the instance. It will be a fun way to grind away some xp, get some loot and with the randomness of the dungeon you shouldn’t get too bored with it.