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Dungeon Guides for 1-60

Here are some dungeon guides for “early level” instances, also known as Old World.

The Wailing Caverns - One of the first instances that Horde players get quests for is the Wailing Caverns dungeon, located just north of Crossroads in the Barrens. It is tuned for players levels 17-23, takes roughly 2 hours to complete, and has a unique set of armor designed for leather-wearing DPS classes. There are a variety of types of monsters inside the Wailing Caverns, especially Beasts and Humanoids. It is recommened you use a 5-person group, balanced with a Tank, Healer, and DPS.

Zul’Farrak - Zul’Farrak is an instance located in desert zone of Tenaris. It is tuned for players levels 42-48, contains several bosses, and quests, including the quest that awards the Carrot on a Stick riding speed trinket. Zul’Farrak is home to a special pair of swords, called Jang’thraze the Protector and Sang’thraze the Deflector. When combined together these swords create the epic quality two-handed sword Sul’thraze the Lasher.

Zul’Farrak Quests

Zul’Farrak Bosses

Zul’Farrak Steps Event

The Gong and Ghaz’rilla


Here are the current dungeon guides available for instances located in the Outlands, a level 58-70 area introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion pack.

Currently the only Outlands instance guides available here on Brighthub are for the instances located inside Hellfire Citadel, in Hellfire Peninsula.

Hellfire Ramparts - This is the first instance players new to Outlands receive quests for. There are three unique bosses, all of which reward substantially good gear, in addition to the quest rewards. It is a 5 person instance, with a recommened level of 60-62.

Hellfire Ramparts Trash and Watchkeeper Gargolmar

Hellfire Ramparts Omor the Unscarred and Vazruden and Nazan

The Blood Furnace - Players receive quests to enter the Blood Furnace after they have completed the quests in Hellfire Ramparts. It is a 5 person instance recommended for players level 62-64. Players can hear monologues from the demon Magtheridon, imprisoned below.

Blood Furnace Trash and The Maker

Blood Furnace - Broggok

Blood Furnace - Keli’dan the Breaker

The Shattered Halls - The Shattered Halls is the topmost instance in Hellfire Citadel. It is tuned for players level 70, and can be done on heroic mode. There are several quests involved with the Shattered Halls, a few of which are for Heroic mode and are involved in the title and raid chains. It requires a key to enter on both modes.

Getting the Shattered Halls Key

Best Shattered Halls Group Composition

Shattered Halls Trash

Shattered Halls Gauntlets

Grand Warlock Nethekurse

Warbringer O’mrogg

Kargath Bladefist


Currently there is only one instance guide on Brighthub available for Northrend, the level 68-80 world introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

The Nexus - The Nexus is a 5 man instance tuned for players level 70-74. It is located in the “starting zone” of the Borean Tundra, and is the object of several quest lines.

Nexus Lore and General Information

Grand Magus Telestra

Ormorok the Tree-Shaper