World of Warcraft - Warlock's Role In WoW Arena Battles

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Your Role On The Team…

Warlocks are one of the most powerful casters in the game and they top it off with powerful minions at their disposal. So, it is only natural that many arena teams will want a Warlock on their side to help them in the heat of battle. But, what exactly does a Warlock do when it comes to their role in an arena team? Well, the simple answer is kill the other team. They are really the main source of damage on any arena team and their DoT (damage over time) ability can give them an even greater mobility when it comes to the arena. Plus, the Warlock will last longer in close-range combat than just about any other cloth armor wearer.

But, when it comes to the arena team, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to which talent spec you want your Warlock to be. The size of the team is the main thing that will tell you what role you should play and what your talent spec should be. Here is a breakdown of the different talent specs and which are available to Warlocks:

Affliction – while this is personally not my favorite, this is great for those ‘Locks who love to focus on damage over time abilities. There are several perks to the Affliction tree, most of which are instant cast spells that will do some awesome damage to their opponent over time. For locks who throw the majority of their talent points into Affliction, they will gain the instant ability of AOE Fear, which can help in a larger team arena setting. Warlocks who specialize in Affliction also are able to severely drain their opponent’s mana or health to help restore themselves (yes, all ‘locks can do this, but Affliction locks have it made here). So, those who want to do a ton of damage over the period of the fight should spec Affliction.

Demonology – this spec is where most Warlocks choose to go due to the fact that they get a special minion, a Felguard, when they reach the end of the talent tree. Again, personally, this is not my favorite either, as I don’t quite think that the Felguard is all that big of a deal. But, one of the main abilities that Warlocks in this spec gain is the Soul Link, which will cause all of the damage done to the lock to be split 50/50 with their minion. This is great, especially for those using the Felguard, as they have a huge amount of hit points and can take a ton of damage. So, this one spell makes killing a Warlock harder.

Destruction – this is personally the spec that I play on all of my Warlocks. Here is why: this spec does a ton of damage and packs some major punches with their spells. When you sink the majority of your talent points into Destruction, you gain Shadowfury, which hits all of the enemy mobs in a certain area for a ton of damage plus it normally stuns those mobs as well. This can also be a great ability in a large arena team setting. While you do not gain a Felguard in this spec, the damage that you can do with simple Frost Bolts becomes extremely hard-hitting and when you couple this with the Voidwalker minion that will draw aggro from other pets on the opposite team, you have a lethal combination.

So, depending on which spec you are, and how big your arena team is, you will be assigned a specific target to keep under control as long as possible. Plus, the vast majority of arena teams will jump at the chance to have a well-equipped Warlock on their team, so you won’t be looking too long.