Guide to the World of Warcraft Argent Tournament Achievements

Argent Tournament Location

One of the coolest (no pun intended) recent additions to World of Warcraft is the Argent Tournament taking place in Northern Icecrown. Players can participate in various activities, including jousting, questing, and working they way up through the ranks of the tournament from Aspirant to Valiant and finally Champion. Dedicated players can even earn the right to champion the capital cities of races other than their own.

Of course, no new world event would be complete without a whole new set of achievements for players to work towards, and the Argent Tournament certainly doesn’t disappoint. Check out all the achievements that can be earned through participation.

Non Faction-Specific Achievements

All players, regardless of faction, can earn these achievements. The first, “Argent Aspiration,” is earned by completing the jousting tutorial quests and becoming an Aspirant of your race. “Argent Valor” is awarded to those who complete enough of the Aspirant daily quests to become a Valiant of their faction.

To earn the “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” achievement (a hilarious pop culture reference), players must complete the level 80 quest “The Black Knight’s Fall” by defeating the Black Knight at the tournament.

Earn the “Lance a Lot” achievement by winning a duel against a rider from each of the 10 racial factions and the “Tilted!” achievement by defeating another player in a jousting duel.

Alliance-Specific Achievements

Champion of Gnomeregan

Earn the “Champion of Darnassus” achievement by earning the right to represent Darnassus as a champion. The “Exalted Champion of Darnassus” achievement goes to those who both become a champion of Darnassus and reach exalted status with them. Exalted Champions also receive the title “of Darnassus.”

Those who become a champion of the Exodar earn the “Champion of the Exodar” achievement. Those who do so and also reach exalted status earn the “Exalted Champion of the Exodar” achievement and the “of the Exodar” title.

Gnomeregan champions receive the “Champion of Gnomeregan” achievement. Champions who reach exalted status also earn the “of Gnomeregan” title and the “Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan” achievement.

Become a champion of Ironforge to earn the “Champion of Ironforge” achievement. Do so at exalted status and you’ll earn the “Exalted Champion of Ironforge” achievement and the “of Ironforge” title.

Players who earn the right to represent the Human city of Stormwind will earn the “Champion of Stormwind” achievement. Reaching exalted status will earn you the “Exalted Champion of Stormwind” achievement and “of Stormwind” title.

Alliance players who become champions of all five factions will earn the “Champion of the Alliance” achievement. Those who become exalted champions of all five factions will earn the “Exalted Champion of the Alliance” achievement.

Truly dedicated players who earn exalted champion status with all five Alliance factions and reach exalted with the Argent Crusade will earn the “Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance” achievement and the title “Crusader.”

Horde-Specific Achievements

Argent Tournament Grounds

Like the Alliance side achievements, each of the Horde’s five factions has specific achievements for earning the right to represent them as a champion.

“Champion of Orgrimmar” is the reward for becoming a champion of the Orcs. “Exalted Champion of Orgrimmar” goes to those who become a champion of the Orcs and reach exalted status. Exalted champions also earn the “of Orgrimmar” title.

Those who earn the right to represent the trolls in the Argent Tournament receive the “Champion of Sen’jin” achievement. Players who reach exalted status with the trolls and also become their champion receive the “Exalted Champion of Sen’jin” achievement and the “of Sen’jin” title.

Become a champion of Silvermoon to earn the “Champion of Silvermoon City” achievement. Afterward, reach exalted status to earn the “Exalted Champion of Silvermoon City” achievement and the “of Silvermoon” title.

Earn the right to represent the Tauren in the tournament to receive the “Champion of Thunder Bluff” achievement. Reach exalted status as well to receive the “Exalted Champion of Thunder Bluff” achievement and the title “of Thunder Bluff.”

Champion of Silvermoon City

Champions of the Undercity receive the “Champion of the Undercity” achievement. Champions who reach exalted status with the faction also earn the “Exalted Champion of the Undercity” achievement and the “of the Undercity” title.

WoW characters who manage to earn the right to represent all five of the Horde factions will receive the “Champion of the Horde” achievement. Reach exalted status with each faction to receive the “Exalted Champion of the Horde” achievement.

Finally, players who manage to reach Exalted Champion status with all five horde factions in addition to reaching exalted status with the Argent Crusade will earn the “Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde” achievement and the title of “Crusader.”

The Argent Tournament is a fantastic way for solo players to earn some cool gear and quickly gain reputation with any of their faction’s capital cities. With so many achievements to be earned and factions to be improved, it’s a safe bet that the tournament will be something that keeps players of both factions busy for some time.