Argent Tournament in WoW: Gold, Achievements, Titles

Argent Tournament in WoW: Gold, Achievements, Titles
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Make Fast Gold

It’s not just a tag-line; you can make a lot of gold by completing the daily quests in game, and once you have championed a racial faction, by selling the non-combat pets you can get from that race’s quartermaster. The number of dailies you can do increases as you gain reputation and champion the various racial factions, which in turn ups your earning potential. A few of the dailies involve the mass homicide of humanoids, which means the drops of gold and Frostweave cloth will be plentiful.

Learn to Joust for the Trial of Champions

Lance a lot

Learning how to master the joust will help you considerably in the ToC 5-man dungeon. Just as Coldara featured a daily quest to help you master the mechanics for both the Occulus and Eye of Eternity, the dailies in the Argent Tournament will buff up your jousting skill for the first part of ToC.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Keep 3 stacks of Defend on you at all times.
  • Stay toe-to-toe with your enemy at first. Let him be the one to break away.
  • When your foe turns to try and gain distance, start spamming the 3 key to Charge.
  • As soon as your Charge fires off, circle around your opponent to face him and start spamming the 2 key for a Shield Breaker.
  • Refresh your Defend immediately following the above maneuver.
  • Use your Thrust ability, the 1 key, at every cool-down.

This strategy will be much easier for those who move with the mouse and keyboard their hotbars. It’s worth learning that method just for the vehicle fights that are so common in the Wrath expansion. Additionally, a top-down camera angle can be hugely beneficial.

Speaking of Reputation…

Champion of Orgrimmar

How’s yours? If you’re not exalted with each of your faction’s five races, completing the Argent Tournament dailies and championing will get you there quickly. Unless you are really low on rep, you won’t even have to take the Champion’s Writs, which are turned in for bonus rep, over the Champion’s Purse of gold. Many of the achievement-based goals are interlinked, for instance, gaining rep will give you access to additional mounts. You can actually be working on several different achievements at once, all in one handy quest hub.

Oh, the Collecting!

Burgundy Wolf

Mounts and noncombat pets–everyone loves them. And many players are dedicated to collecting them, especially with the related achievements and bonus rewards. Each racial faction of the Argent Tournament (Troll, Orc, Undead, Blood Elf, and Tauren for the Horde; Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, and Night Elf for the Alliance) offers one pet and two different mounts for sale, once you have completed the dailies to champion that race. Either the Sunreavers or Silver Covenant will also have a pet and two mounts, which means that any given player can potentially pull 12 mounts and 6 pets out of the tournament.

Achieving and achieving and achieving


Achievements are a great addition to WoW, and the Argent Tournament provides so many different opportunities to start racking them up. Achievements for collecting mounts and pets, for becoming exalted with different factions, for championing the races and for jousting every faction available on the tournament grounds all are available. Why not take that first step and fly on out to the Argent Tournament today? It’s better than doing the same old dailies or running lowbies through Scarlet Monastery for the 80 bajillionth time. Right?