How to build a strong 3x3 arena team for World Of Warcraft

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How to make the right choices…

When it comes to putting together a 3x3 arena team in World of Warcraft, there is no real “right” answer. Some players will swear by one combination, while others will swear by another. There are so many different match ups that you can put into a good team that it is really not even worth trying to count the vast matches. But, there are some specific items that you do need to take into account when you are putting together a 3x3 arena team – and I’m here to help you out!

The main thing that you want to keep in mind is to keep a good balance when it comes to your team. You need two really good, talented DPS classes and one extremely good healer. But, when it comes to choosing your DPS classes, you do not want them to be the same types of classes. For example, you want to make sure that you have a good melee fighter and a good magic fighter so that you can even out the playing field. You don’t want to have two melee fighters or two magic fighters, as this can work against you if the other team has debuffs that will affect both. A normal combination is to have one ranged DPS (like a warlock or hunter) and then one melee class (like a warrior or rogue). Here is how you maintain a good balance:

The first thing is to maintain a good healer. Without a dedicated, and talented, healer, your 3x3 team is pretty much doomed from the beginning. You need a healer that is dedicated to their class and one that has the gear and abilities to take on tons of damage without dying. It is because of the extremely low hit points that Holy Priests have that they are usually not found on 3x3 arena teams, and Paladins and Druids or Shamans are. So, make sure that you choose your healer wisely so that you don’t immediately lose your healer right at the beginning.

Next thing you need to do is to maintain one layer who will do crowd control for the team. This means that you need to have either a warlock, mage, hunter, or other class who can help with controlling any other types of squishy enemy players. If you have a good crowd control strategy in place, then it will be really easy for your arena team to knock out some of the weaker members of the other team quickly so that you can start to work on the harder members.

Now, when it comes to the classes that are the most desired when it comes to 3x3 arena teams, the druid is by far one of the most popular. Argue this point if you’d like, but here is why: they have three special abilities that will help with crowd control more than any other class: a Cyclone that will continually encompass an enemy player, their ability to put a Hunter’s pet to sleep, and their ability to entangle other players in Roots. Also, they are good healers. So, this is a great class to keep on your team. Other classes that are great to have on your arena team include: Frost Mages, Warriors, and Warlocks.

Well, hopefully this has helped you learn which types of classes you want, and need, to have on your 3x3 arena team and will help you to create one that will whip the other teams in your way.