The Argent Tournament - Vendors and Trainers

The Argent Tournament - Vendors and Trainers
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Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft Factions and Reputations

Make sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft factions. You can find detailed guides on how to raise reputation, obtain rewards, and more with every major faction in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Fun and Convenient!

The Argent Tournament isn’t just a daily quest hub and an interesting in-game event gimmick. The Argent Tournament Grounds are home to dozens of vendors and trainers, and it is conveniently located between other popular destinations in the Storm Peaks and Icecrown. There is nothing you can’t find at the Argent Tournament, including vendors of every type - Food and Drink, Armor (repairs), Reagents, and more. Additionally, there is a special vendor who sells detailed shirts brandishing the colors and standards of each capital city of Horde and Alliance.

Crafters of all types will find a nice little area just for them in the Argent Tournament grounds as well. If you find Dalaran to be a bit too much on the laggy and overcrowded side, you can instead do all of your crafting profession training at the Argent Tounament grounds. For added simplicity, each profession has its own dedicated vendor to provide you with all the purchasable materials you may need.

Really then, you can’t beat the fun and convenience found at the Argent Tournament!

The Rewards

A unique in-game event and a few daily quests is great in itself, but really if you’re going to spend all that time in one area wouldn’t it be great to get some fun fringe rewards for doing it? Whether you’re a fresh 80 trying to gear up, or have the best gear of anyone on your server, there’s item rewards to be had at the Argent Tournament!

Most factions in World of Warcraft have a quartermaster who will offer various items depending on your reputation level with that faction. Have you ever noticed, though, that there is no such quartermaster for any of the capital cities? The Argent Tournament solves this problem. In championing your home city, or any other city of your faction, you earn a special currency called Champion’s Seals that can in turn be used to buy some very special items from the city quartermasters located in your faction’s pavillion.

Epic and Superior Gear Rewards from Any City

Since you can begin the quests offered at the Argent Tournament at level 77, you can put yourself well along the road to having quite a few great items as soon as you hit level 80. The same gear items are offered on all of your faction’s vendors, and the stats are the same across both factions although the names of the items are different. Epic items are iLvl 200, so around the equivilent of 10-man Naxxramas gear. Items available include:

Superior Quality Necks - Level 80, all class roles. 10 Champion’s Seals.

Superior Quality Belts - Level 80, all class roles. 10 Champion’s Seals.

Superior Quality Boots - Level 80, all class roles. 10 Champion’s Seals.

Epic Haste and Spellpower Dagger - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic Melee Dagger - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic DPS Gun - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic 1H Tanking Axe - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic 1H Melee DPS Mace - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic Caster DPS Sword - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic Physical DPS Staff - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Epic 2H Melee DPS Sword - 25 Champion’s Seals.

Resilience Trinket - 10 Champion’s Seals.

Unique Alliance Items Purchasable with Champion’s Seals

Argent Tournament non-combat pets

Each city quartermaster has a few very unique items to offer. Among these are tabards, non-combat pets, and special mounts. Let’s take a look at some of these, because the unique offerings may be what influences your decision on which city to champion first!


The unique non-combat pet you can get by being a champion of Exodar is called the Amen Vale Lashling Click to view image. (click link for image). It is the same basic model as all other lashling/lashers in the game, only cute and miniature! Costs 40 Champion’s Seals.

As for the unique mount, it is an Epic ground (150 riding skill) mount called a


. Costs 100 Champion’s Seals.


For being a champion of Darnassus you can choose to purchase the Teldrassil Sproutling. The simple name belies how cool this pet is - It looks like a baby tree druid, complete with the falling asleep animation and doing the tree dance! Costs 40 Champion’s Seals.

The mount offered by Darnassus is a


, which is a light gray color with a blue harness. Costs 100 Champion’s Seals.


If you choose to become a champion of Stormwind, you will have the option to purchase the


non-combat pet for 40 Champion’s Seals. This little guy is so cute that we can overlook the fact that clicking on him 50 times won’t make him explode.



can be yours for 100 Champion’s Seals if a heavily armored horse with green glowing eyes is more your style.


A champion of Ironforge can be parent to a little black bear cub if they want to spend the 40 Champion’s Seals on the





is the epic ground mount offered for being a champion of Ironforge, available for purchase for 100 Champion’s Seals.




is an extraordinarily unique pet available to Champions of Gnomeregan. This cute little mechanical pet looks a lot like the Gnomeregan mounts while striding along behind you.

If you prefer the larger version, you can spring for the new ground mount, the Turbostrider.

Unique Horde Items Purchasable with Champion’s Seals

Horde Champion’s Seal Mounts

Silvermoon City

The Blood Elves love their magic, and in the spirit of Disney even enchant their brooms to do their cleanup. As a Champion of Silvermoon, you can get an


all of your own!

No more Mr. Nicechicken - The new


stands above the rest with a decidedly tough and mean look sure to stop the head wagging of anyone who made fun of your Blood Elf mount in the past!

Thunder Bluff

The great planes around Thunder Bluff are home to many ostrich-looking fowl. While stealing eggs isn’t a very Druidic thing to do, becoming a Champion of Thunder Bluff entitles you to be able to purchase a


for 40 Champion’s Seals.

A new breed of Great Kodo has been discovered (or genetically engineered), though it isn’t any prettier than its cousins. I think it would camouflage nicely in a desert.


Who keeps a bat for a pet? The Forsaken, of course. If you’re a champion of Undercity you can get a Tirisfal Batling non-combat pet all of your own. Though if you’re not Undead, you may not want to!



looks like it could be the steed of the pale horseman of the Apocalypse, being decidedly void of color.


It isn’t cute or fuzzy, but it might make people give you a bit of breathing room! The Durotar Scorpion is the non-combat pet available to Champions of Orgrimmar.



is the newest member of the Horde Wolf family, and can be yours for 100 Champion’s Seals.


Have a troll fetish? No, not that kind of fetish - I mean a super cool Tiki Mask! The Sen’jin Fetish Click to view image. non-combat pet summons one of three floating voodoo masks that will follow you anywhere!

The new Swift Darkspear Raptor Click to view image. is a blue and purple epic mount available to Champions of Sen’jin for 100 Champion’s Seals. If nothing else, its eye-catching!