The Best WoW Addons For Each Class - Picking Addons For Your World of Warcraft Character

The Best WoW Addons For Each Class  - Picking Addons For Your World of Warcraft Character
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Introduction to Class Specific Addons

There are huge amount of excellent ‘catch all’ addons for World of Warcraft, and while most of these will work for everyone, there are certain things that each individual class needs that the general WoW addons just don’t offer. Many have come to curse WoW addons that just don’t fill the niche they need covered. For people looking for that final touch to their setup, this guide will cover the best WoW addons for your class. If you’re new to addons, we suggest you take a look at our guide on How To Install WoW Addons.

Mage Addons

We begin with the mighty Mage, master of elements and caster extraordinaire. Though often relegated to summoning food and portals for the convenience of the raid, the mage can be an incredibly complex class to play. There are a few ways to make the life of the mage a bit easier, but prime among them is an addon called Mage Fever.

Taking a lot of the guesswork out of playing the mage, Mage Fever is a customizable interface that gives the player buff and proc updates in the way that he or she wants them. Simple and efficient, Mage Fever eliminates the need to scan the tiny icons on the buff bar to see if Fingers of Frost or Brain Freeze has proceed. A lifesaver for those players who listen to music rather than in game sound, Mage Fever pops up to let you know when you’re clearcasting. It tracks Living Bomb too, and lets players know exactly when that bomb’s gonna blow.

Shaman Addons

The ultimate hybrid class, the Shaman can heal, attack from a distance and even go hand to hand with foes. Totems have become less of a problem with recent patches, but paying a Shammy still takes quite a bit of finesse. Aquagem’s excellent guide on PvP and Battlegrounds Addons covered Shaman Friend, a fantastic addon to track enchants and spell purges, so we’ll concentrate on a different Shaman addon called Shock and Awe.

By the title alone you can probably guess the main focus of this incredibly useful mod. Shock and Awe tracks timer bars for shocks as well as a great many other spells, and can be configured to show the amount of orbs left in your shield and even remind you of the next shock in your spell rotation. Shock and Awe is an essential for Shamans of all types.

Hunter Addons

The premiere pet class, Hunters tame beasts of Azeroth to do their bidding while utilizing gun and bows to fell their foe. They excel at gaining the killing blow in player versus player combat, more of which can be read about in Saris' PVP Guide for Hunters. There are many different ways to play a hunter, but all of them use mana, which is why Viper Notify is the Hunter’s addon of choice.

While it doesn’t provide extra bars or a plethora of cooldown information, and it lacks a simple user interface, Viper Notify is one of the single finest Hunter addons available. Simply stated, Viper Notify will let the player know when their mana reaches a certain threshold, letting them know to switch from Aspect of the Viper, which regens mana quickly at the sacrifice of damage, to their preferred fighting aspect. A simple tool, but an invaluable one.

Druid Addons


Shifting through animal forms, the Druid is able to take on various party roles, with a strong focus on both tanking and healing. As the combat oriented Drood Focus addon was covered in Aquagem’s guide on WoW Addons For PvP, the mod of choice here for Druids will be Druid Stats I.

The problem with being such a versatile class is that the gear used in one form may be completely useless in the other. Perhaps worse is that upon seeing a piece of loot, it may not be instantly obvious how helpful it will be. Druid Stats I makes it easier by breaking down exactly what bonuses each piece of gear will give, and taking your current shape shifted form into account. Druid Stats I is an absolutely essential addon for Druids.

Warlock Addons


Warlocks embrace the darker side of magic, besetting their enemies with curses and diseases and calling upon demons to do their will. Warlocks are an especially beloved class for use in PvP, and our own MD Weems has an excellent guide on A Warlock’s Place in an Arena Team. All that power comes with a lot of work, farming shards, keeping track of pets and recasting dots constantly. An addon released fairly recently not only acts as an excellent raid addon for all classes, but features a great deal of content specifically targeted at Warlocks.

The Warlock addon of choice is the appropriately named ForteXorcist. Along with the standard raid bar interface, ForteXorcist comes equipped with a soulstone tracker, a shard manager, a summon assistant, and perhaps best of all, an easy to read spell and cooldown timer. This is a must have WoW addon for any Warlock.

Rogue Addons

Poor cloth wearing casters may cry foul when I give any advice to the quintessential killing machines known as Rogues. I play a Mage myself, so I know the pain of being eviscerated by an unseen opponent, but remember, there are Rogues on your side too. Mutilate is an addon specifically aimed at Rogues raiding with a mutilate build.

Whether new to the game, new to the mutilate build or simply looking to learn the rotation better, Mutilate is your friend. It’s a must have addon that takes into account energy, hit points, combo points and more and suggests what ability to use next. Since it focuses on single target fights only, Mutilate is best used for PvE and in boss fights. Mutilate is also a very new mod, so expect further functionality to be added in the future.

Paladin Addons


Holy warriors who call upon the blessings of their gods to bolster themselves and their allies are World of Warcraft’s Paladins. Serving roles as tanks, healers and DPS, the Paladin is a deep class that offers a great deal to any raid. Whatever the build, Pallys all have one thing in common: varied and useful buffs. This next addon deals with buffs specifically.

While not specifically a Paladin addon, ZOMGBuffs is essential for any raid or group with multiple Paladins in tow. ZOMGBuffs is able to automatically designate targets for each Paladin in the raid to buff, and state with which buff. Even simpler, any Paladin in the raid that has ZOMGBuffs installed can simply right click to buff their target, avoiding having to search through raid frames to find them.

Warrior Addons

Warriors can dish out damage with the best of them, especially thanks to talents like Titan’s Grip, which allows dual wielding of two handed weapons. As fun as it is to fell opponents in battlegrounds with advice from Saris' Warrior PVP Guide, it’s the Warrior’s ability to take a beating that is most valued in groups. The indefatigable warrior is made even more desirable by the addition of Vigilance, an ability which can not only reduce damage taken by the target that a warrior is protected, but transfer threat as well.

Warrior Vigilance Tracker is an addon that does just what it says. Tracking the cooldown of a spell is hardly impressive of course, and the Warrior Vigilance Tracker does more than that. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to recast Vigilance on a target simply by left clicking on the tracker. This addon also features some customizability options which enable broadcasting of Vigilance targets to groups and raids.

Priest Addons

The cloth wearing Priest is the typical high fantasy healer in World of Warcraft. They can regenerate, heal, shield and cure characters of various ailments. Of course, that’s only one side of the class. The other is the Shadow Priest, who specializes in damaging spells that melt the face of anyone who stand in his way.

A versatile class such as the Priest presents gearing issues. Even with a Stat and Attribute Guide, the math on what ability contributes what to a character can get confusing. Thanks to SPriest Pseudo Power, which uses a mathematical formula to calculate and assign a point rating to priest gear, those issues are a thing of the past. Taking the PP, or Pseudo Power, of your newly acquired gear and comparing it to that of your equipped gear, SPriest Pseudo Power makes determining whether a piece of gear is worth it a snap.

Death Knight Addons

The newest addition to World of Warcraft, the Death Knight is an incredibly exciting and powerful class, capable of doing massive amounts of damage as well as enduring attacks that would kill lesser classes, and is even able to raise the dead. Being thrown into a new class already at level 55 can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to learn.

Of course, the barrier of entry comes crashing down with an addon simply called Face Smasher. This Death Knight addon brings up a series of spell suggestions to be used in combat, each for a different purpose. The center spell displayed will be the most damaging ability available for use, the right for tanking, left for defensive. The two in between serve more niche purposes, such as spell interruption.


Additional Information

That just about does it, this guide covered the best WoW addons for each class, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. For more addon information, check out Benjamin Sell’s Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft Addons. Finally ready to get serious about PvP? Take a look at Arena Tips from Stormstrike. And of course, it’s never too early to start familiarizing yourself with the changes to come in Cataclysm. Let Jesma break down Cataclysm Stat and Attribute Changes for you.