Carbonite Quest. WoW What this Add-On Can Do For You!

Carbonite Quest. WoW What this Add-On Can Do For You!
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An Overview

Carbonite Quest is part of a larger software package. Blizzard added its own internal quest tracking function in Wrath of the Lich King. This add-on has several useful features that its nearest competitor, quest helper, does not.

One of the least useful features in this add-on is the group quest tracking feature. Carbonite lists group quests on a different panel in the quest window. A user can see how close other players in his group are to completing the quest, just as he can by using the standard interface.

Useful Quest Log Replacement

carbonite quest – wetlands

Carbonite does not greatly extend the usefulness of the original quest journal, but it does offer one useful feature not found in the Blizzard quest log. Users can click on the quest and get details. Carbonite breaks down multi-part quests into their different parts and can tell the player which one they are on.

When a player clicks on a quest in his quest log list list, the description of the mission is given in a separate panel next to the window. Getting the name of a quest and the description of a quest is a two-step process with the built-in quest log. Normally, a player must bring up the journal again to look for details on a different mission. This feature may only save a few key strokes for a player, but there are times when saving a few seconds makes a difference.

You can even track quests you have completed by using this add-on. WoW saves a character’s completed quests data on its servers. Hit the quest log and bring up the completed quest list to relive what you have done. Turn on the quest giver tracking option and you will see where crucial NPCs are located.

Activating Tracking Features

carbonite in action in Ironforge

The quest tracking feature is turned on from the quest tab. The yellow button labeled auto tracking will cause an arrow to appear at the top center of your screen. This arrow indicates the direction of the nearest objective, how far away the objective is, and how long it will take a character to get to the objective. The travel time function takes into account the character’s current mode of travel.

When the player heads in the exact direction of a quest objective, the tracking arrow becomes white. The feature is more useful in areas where a character can fly over obstacles barring his path.

The Most Useful Item in Carbonite Quest Tracking’s Mini Map Replacement

carbonite-quest WoW Bottom Screen

Because Carbonite includes a rather detailed map function, it can replace the Cartographer add-on. When a player turns on the quest tracker, the add-on shows a mini-map on the side of his screen. The extension marks quest objectives on this map. Arrows on the map show the most direct route to the location of the objective.

In Word of Warcraft’s early levels, the direct line is not as useful as it is after a player purchases a flying mount and the skill to ride it. Zones are often designed to prevent a player from getting direct access to quest objective areas. The miniature map in Carbonite map can help a person find the quickest way to his quest goals.

Wait! If I Have Carbonite Can I Get Rid of Quest Helper and Cartographer?

The code can also track completed quests, different parts of multi-part quests, and uncompleted quests in a zone. In order to do this, the player must let it download quest data for the character from the server. The multi part feature lets the player know how much longer a quest chain can go before he completes the last item in a long chain.

You can git rid of Quest Helper, Catrographer, Gatherer, and Damage Meter by installing Carbonite. The quest tracking, although useful, is only a small part of the many things this add-on suite can do for a player. As with all World of Warcraft extensions, a user should install it manually to help protect his account information.

Cataclysm Update

Cataclysm has changed some of the quest chains in the starting zones. If a player logs in with old quests still active, Carbonite will show the information that the player needed to complete these items. Because the Old World zones have changed considerably in the Cataclysm expansion, this quest information may no longer be useful to a player character. Delete any old world quests if you are returning to Azeroth after an extended absence.