Determining WoW Character Rating Using the Gear Score Add-On and Achievements

Determining WoW Character Rating Using the Gear Score Add-On and Achievements
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Gear Score Add-on Versus the WoW Heroes Number

A WoW character rating means different things to different people. The most common rating compares the character’s achievements and his or her gear score. A number of sites and add-ons can give a character his gear score. A raid leader must understand the differences between the programs and the third-party World of Warcraft fan sites.

A popular add-on assigns gear scores to each piece of equipment a character wears. When a player installs GearScore, he can see his own equipment’s gear scores by accessing the character information screen. A player can view the score of another character according to this add-on by hovering his mouse over the player’s avatar. The higher the gear score, the better equipped the player is.

The gear score add-on uses its own set of numbers that do not match the gear score numbers assigned by Blizzard, The latter sites use the gear score assigned by Blizzard. WoW Heroes counts the enchantments and gems on a person’s piece of armor to come up with its total. Gear scores of 5,000 are higher are only reached by using the add-on.

How Achievements Count Toward WoW Character Ratings

Achievements have little to do with a character’s ability. Many guilds use achievement scores as part of his WoW character rating. When a raid leader asks for people to link achievements to him, he wants to make sure a person who wants to raid with him has successfully completed the boss fights.

Where a Raid Leader Can Find Gear Score and Achievements for a Character

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When evaluating a candidate who wishes to join his guild, guild leaders may want to know the applicants WoW caracter rating. WoW Heroes is a good site for passive information, but there are sites that help a player crunch numbers to figure out their own scores.

Wow Heroes lets raid leaders and the character himself about gear and achievement deficiencies. The website can also show which items a guild applicant should enchant to improve his overall capabilities. WoW Heroes is a good resource for determining a WoW character rating. Other guild members can provide their expertise when asked, but sometimes a person just wants to crunch numbers.

MaxDPS, despite its name, can guide a character towards the role he wants to play. This includes healing and tanking, not just dishing out as much damage as possible. The MaxDPS website offers an overall character rating for each class, but it can also help a character increase his rating for a specific role. Dual spec characters can confirm if they have improved their gear score rating by going to WoW Heroes and seeing which specialization he has the better gear for.

Why Worry About Gear Score and Character Ratings at All in World of Warcraft?

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The casual player who runs instances and an occasional raid with his guild probably worries about his WoW character rating less often than a hard-core gamer. Hard-core gamers, who continually strive to have the best character they can possibly have, always look for some way to gain an edge over their competition. Keeping an eye on gear score, achievements, and his guild ranking can let him know where he needs to improve.

Gear and achievement scores do not, however, give another player an idea of the skill of the player behind the avatar. There are some things that guild and raid leaders can only find out by raiding or grouping with someone. Ratings, gear score and achievements only give a guild leader an idea what a potential recruit can do.

Cataclysn Average Gear Score and the Gear Score Add On

One of the changes Blizzard implemented with Cataclysm makes the gear score add-on obsolete. Items now have their item level listed and a player can see the average gear score on his character tab. Rather than worry about the overall gear score a player has, guild and raid leaders now worry about the average gear level of a player. Many players have removed the add-on in favor of how Blizzard keeps track of the items.

Removing the add on will free up memory for other items. The average gear score level introduced in Cataclysm has given players one less reason to run an add on. Now if only Blizzard will add an in-game item to give players the coordinates. Many other MMOs have this command that World of Warcraft has lacked since its beta version. Healers now have more memory for Healbot and paladins can use pally power. Gear score used small amounts of memory compared to other game add-ons, such as Gatherer and the mulltipurpose Carbonite.