Understanding World of Warcraft Addons

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The Addon Basics

So just what are addons?  It seems that every major mmo gaming site has lists upon lists of addons that seem to be so long you don’t know where to start.  Well, let’s talk about what the base of an addon really is: an addon for World of Warcraft is an enhancement for your game play that will help you in certain aspects of play.  Addons are usually not illegal, and won’t get your account banned, unless you have one that will play automatically for you, change any of your statistics, or automatically do things to help you level your character.  The vast majority of addons do not cause any problems or flags with Blizzard, so you shouldn’t worry.  It is best to get your addons from a safe gaming site, like Curse Gaming.  The larger sites will check the addons before they are posted to ensure that you cannot get banned from using them.

Now, back to addons - addons are great when used correctly.  There are tons of different types of addons, but the most commonly used addons include: map addons, auction addons, and raid addons. 

Map addons will enhance your map in game, and the most popular of these is a coordinate addon, so you can use guides and other information to go directly to a specific position to complete a quest or find an item.  These are awesome, and some even come with enlarged maps, note taking addons, and more that will help to enhance everything about your map.  But, check out what the addon does completely before you download it to ensure that you have chosen the right addon. 

Auction addons will enhance your auction experience in WoW.  Some of the most popular include auctioneer, which helps you to keep track of prices for items and help you search for items that you need or that are underprices, and even help you find items that are great bargains.  Of course, there are more detailed addons that will provide you with more information, where to find mats, and more, so just like with the map addons, you need to check out the details on the addons so you get the one that you need.

Raid addons will enhance your raid experience.  These are great for those who lead raids the most, since they have a lot to keep track of.  These raid addons will help you to keep track of raid members, positions, where you’re going, items collected, and more.  But, there are other addons that will help those that don’t normally lead raids as well.  So, check out all the raid enhancing addons to find the right ones for you.

When it comes to addons, before you download anything remember that the more an addon does for you, the large the file will be.  You want to make sure that you know exactly what an addon will do and what you want an addon to do for you.  The more that you know about an addon, the better off you’ll be and the better your game play will be. 

Happy Playing!