Three More Titles That Never Made it to Video Game Systems: Canceled Video Games

Three More Titles That Never Made it to Video Game Systems: Canceled Video Games
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All video game systems have a lengthy list of canceled titles that sadly never saw the light of day. From recently axed projects such as True Crime: Hong Kong to Square’s unreleased Aliens game for the Famicom Disk System that recently surfaced. Regardless of the fact that canceled games are a normal part of the industry, as gamers, we can’t help but feel disappointed when a highly anticipated game just doesn’t come full circle. We continue our coverage of canceled games and give you three more unreleased games that could have been great had they been given the opportunity.

9. Winter (Wii)

Developer n-Space first announced Winter in 2007. Set in a cold, snow-laden town, players would control a female character and avoid mysterious creatures all the while being aware of the harsh weather conditions brought on by a blizzard. Gamers would have to guide the protagonist into warm dwellings from time to time in order to avoid succumbing to frostbite or other health issues. The game was to be a change in the horror genre, taking the gameplay back to the design that made survival horror games so popular years ago, but like so many canceled games, the lack of financial backing from a publisher put the promising title in limbo for years. The developers have stated that they would still like to bring the title to fruition, with Sega as the likely publisher. But until that happens, this is one heck of a Wii game that we never got to play.

8. Dead Rush (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube)

Dead Rush

An open world full of zombies, vehicles to drive around in and customize, and mission-based gameplay. These were the building blocks for Dead Rush, an action-adventure game that was dubbed a cross between Grand Theft Auto and the lore of the undead by both Sony and Nintendo. The game would feature dark city environments and gameplay that would require you to make the most of your resources as you took on legions of zombies. Driving around in a car and running over undead enemies as you try to escape the city alive? That sounds pretty awesome.

7. Dead Phoenix (GameCube)

Dead Phoenix

Long before Kid Icarus: Uprising was announced for the Nintendo 3DS, a similar flight-based game titled Dead Phoenix was being developed for the GameCube by Capcom. Originally one of the Capcom Five – a set of GameCube exclusives developed by Capcom – Dead Phoenix featured expansive worlds that players could explore in flight, massive bosses, and hordes of airborne enemies. The game’s trailer certainly showed promise, and although we’ll never see this game on the Wii, it looked like it could have left one heck of an impression on owners of Nintendo’s sixth generation console.

It’s a shame that potentially awesome games such as Winter, Dead Rush, and Dead Phoenix fell under the veil of development hell and subsequently got canceled. Though there is often hope for canceled titles to go back into development like Max Payne 3, not all games are revived. Check out Part 4 of this series to take a look at three more retired games that could have really prospered had they been released.