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    • Step by Step Guide to Getting Online With the Nintendo Wii
      Our guide to connecting your Nintendo Wii to your wireless network will show you just how easy it can be to get online with your Wii console. These easy to follow instructions will have you playing online in no time.
    • How to Set Up Netflix Instant Streaming on the Nintendo Wii
      Watching movies instantly is the newest innovation delivered to film fans by internet rental giant Netflix. Connecting your Wii to your Netflix account is an easy process, and our step-by-step instructions will make it as painless as possible.
    • What to Do When Your Wii Runs Out of Memory
      Once upon a time, the Wii's 512 MB seemed like more than enough storage space. But as the console offers more downloadable games and channels, those memory blocks can quickly evaporate. We're waiting for Nintendo to provide a convenient solution, but for now, there are a couple workarounds.
    • How To Connect The Wii To An HDMI Adapter
      Connecting the Wii to an HDTV is a pretty standard affair, however less tech saavy people may struggle to theorise on how it may be done, hence this guide to using a HDMI adapter and the Wii's component cables to connect into an HDTV. Read on for the requirements and individual steps...
    • How to Fix a Wii Disc Read Error
      Popped your favorite Wii game in and suddenly your getting a disc read error? Find out what some of the possible reasons are and how to fix it.
    • How to Watch Movies on your Wii
      If you have movies or TV shows on your computer or DVDs and you want to watch them on your main TV you can use your Wii to play them. Find out how in this guide.