My Wii Ran Out of Memory! Learn How To Create More Wii Storage Space with Nintendo Wii Memory Cards

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Use an SD Card

Compatible SD cards – the kind you find in digital cameras – can be used to store extra games, channels or save data. These cards should have less than 2 GB capacity and a relatively fast transfer speed. Additionally, Nintendo has licensed SanDisk and Bensussen Deutsch and Associates memory cards to work specifically with the console. The card slot is located on the front of the Wii. Just unhinge the plastic cover underneath the CD slot to access it.

To transfer files, select “Data Management” from the “Wii Options” menu. You can then select “Games” or “Channels,” and then chose individual items to copy onto your SD card.

Unfortunately, you cannot access Wii channels or save games directly from the SD card, so it can only be used as storage. When you want to use a channel or load a save game, you must move it back to the Wii’s internal memory.

Delete Your Files

Erasing your files doesn’t sound attractive, but it’s your only option if you don’t own an SD card. Fortunately, games that you have purchased from the Wii Shop channel can always be downloaded again for free once you have deleted them, as long as you are using the console on which the game was originally purchased.

The two obvious downsides to this method are the time it takes to download files again and the inability to preserve save data. Indeed, once you wipe your hard-earned Wii Bowling stats off the console’s internal memory, they’re gone forever.

Wait for a Better Option

Nintendo has said that it is working on a firmware update that will allow users to save and load files directly to and from an SD card, thus saving the hassle of transferring through the “Wii Options” menu. Look for this option in Spring 2009, and maybe save your biggest downloads until then.