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An Introduction To Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is not stranger to the gaming industry, and when it first announced the launch of its seventh-generation Wii gaming console in September 2006, it was met with a popular response. Nintendo is already well known for its other popular game titles such as Mario Brothers, along with its well-liked gaming console Nintendo DS.

What Is The Wii Gaming System?

For anyone that is not aware of what the Nintendo Wii is, it is a game console that has a controller called the Wiimote. This controller resembles a television remote, however like other game controllers, the Wii remote control is wireless and motion-sensored. Therefore, it uses infrared rays and remote Bluetooth technology to play a game. Using this technology, the player is able to play games such as tennis in Wii Sports and swing the Wiimote like a tennis racket or play bowling, and flick the controller as if throwing a bowling ball. The remote does have a strap that keeps it attached to the person’s wrist. Other controllers for the Wii include the classic gaming remote that can be attached to the console. It has the regular “up” and “down” arrows to move the players.

Nintendo Wii has revolutionized the gaming industry because the players are not just sitting on a couch or a chair clicking buttons or moving arrows, but they are able to actually swing the control as if they are really playing tennis. It is because of this new Wii gaming technology that the Nintendo Wii has had remarkable sales worldwide.

The launch of the Wii was initially delayed a few months, and it was first released in November 2006 in North and South America. A month later in December 2006, the Wii was released in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and Europe. The rest of the world had to wait for 2007 (e.g. South Africa) and 2008 (e.g. South Korea) to be able to purchase the Wii locally.

Sale Figures of Nintendo Wii Between 2006 to 2007

When looking at how many Wii have been sold, it is quite phenomenal if one were to look at the sales between 2006 to the present. It was recorded that the number of Wii sold in North and South America was between 550,000 to 650,000 units during the first week of its launch. When it was released in parts of the United Kingdom and Europe, suppliers could not meet the demand for the amount of Wii consoles that had been pre-ordered.

This short supply continued from 2006 into 2007, and it took some members of the public anywhere from weeks to months to receive their Wii. In the end of 2006 over 3 million Wii consoles were sold worldwide. Based on this it was considered to be the fastest selling game during 2007.

By the end of 2007, the number of Wii sold across the globe was six times more than the previous year when it is was first released, and sales had risen from 3 million to over 20 million. This remarkable increase could have been due to the launch of the Wii in other countries such as South Africa and Singapore.

How Many Wii Have Been Sold: 2008 and Beyond

The increasing trend in Wii sales continued with 2008 seeing a doubling of worldwide figures in the number of Wii sold. Therefore, Nintendo saw sales rose from 20 million to approximately 40 million by the end of December 2008. This can be attributed to the Wii being made available in countries such as South Korea. By the end of 2009, the sales of Nintendo Wii systems had rose from 40 million to 60 million units worldwide. As the first quarter of 2010 comes to an end, even with the release of a popular Wii game title, Nintendo Wii sales are not expected to rise to the level of sales when the Wii was first released.

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