Guide for Playing the Wii Online

Guide for Playing the Wii Online
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Step by Step Guide to Getting Online With the Nintendo Wii

For a very detailed guide on how to get your Wii online, we highly recommend that you read: Step by Step Guide to Getting Online With the Nintendo Wii.

The article has pictures, step-by-step instructions, and tells you everything you need to know in order to get your Wii connected to the internet.

The rest of this article is primarily about playing online, rather than how to actually GET online.

Playing Online Games on the Wii

For a long time my partner and I debated about the online game play involved with Nintendo Wii. He was convinced that the online gaming was going to cost us a minimal monthly fee and I didn’t want to believe it so I said it didn’t. Living up in the mountains, miles and miles from anything that could be remotely called “urban,” we had a silly 44 KBPS dial-up connection so the debate didn’t matter either way. We couldn’t hook the phone line up to the Wii so we thought that we would never know.

Then we got satellite based WildBlue high speed internet and everything changed. I took a morning off to set up our small home with the fastest wireless network that I’d ever lived with and in no time our 2 desktops and laptop were simultaneously surfing the net.

How to Play Wii Online

But what about the Wii? I’ll admit, the Wii is the first brand new video game console I’ve ever purchased and I’ve never played a video game online before. I’m a bit of an old-school Nintendo purist and I play original NES and N64 cartridge games on their original consoles and making the jump to the Wii was like Mary McFly using a hover board for the first time. I expected a lengthy set

Wii WiFi

up process involving Ethernet cords, registrations, account verifications, and passwords. I got none of these. From Wii Home I selected the Settings Option and from there I chose Internet Connection. From the Internet Connection menu selected Wireless Connection. I returned to Wii Home and put in the only Wi-Fi compatible game we owned, Mario Kart, and there it was: Global game play. There was no hassle, no process. Just a wireless connection and free online Wii play with any Wi-Fi enabled game.

WiiWare Logo

Our gaming experience has been taken to the next level. I can’t imagine purchasing a Wii game that doesn’t include online play and forget about the 2 of us racing CPUs again. I recently purchased my first WiiWare game and I love it! With a Wii exchange rate of 100 points per 1 U.S. dollar, WiiWare is an inexpensive way to get new Wii games and I don’t have to drive down the mountain to buy new games. There is a whole world of new secrets to discover when you play Wii online and I am just discovering how to get unlock new cheats in my existing games and get free Wii games using my new wireless set-up.