Finding the Autobot Secret Icon Locations in Transformers the Game for Xbox 360

Finding the Autobot Secret Icon Locations in Transformers the Game for Xbox 360
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Autobot Secret Icons

When it comes to the Autobot’s secret icons in Transformers: The Game, they can be hard to spot. So, here are all of the different locations in the game where you will find these secret icons for the Autobots.

Hoover Dam

In this area, you will also find five Autobot secret icons that you’ll need to complete your collection. Here they are:

1. Central Control Area: one of the secret icons is in the control room as you go through the story mode mission for this area.

2. Containment Lab: one of the secret icons is right in front of Megatron as you are going through the story mode missions.

3. Service Tunnels South C & D: you will find one secret icon in the service tunnels south C & D, in a small corner to the right of the tunnel that leads toward the service tunnels south A & B. The best way to find this one is to watch the mini map, and when you get close to the Chapter 1 dot, it will be on the wall opposite of you.

4. Service Tunnels South C & D: there is also another secret icon in service tunnels south C & D. As you are headed toward the service tunnel north B, you will see a small hole on your left right before the road that goes to the central core. There is a health pickup right here, and you’ll find the secret icon right above it.

5. Service Tunnel North A: the last icon in this area is in service tunnel north A. Here, you will need to be on the first level of the generator structure, in the area closest to the tunnel. You want to be on the side of the area that is facing you when you come out of the tunnel to find the secret icon.

More Than Meets the Eye

In this part of Transformers the video game, you will have to find five more secret Autobot icons to complete your collection. They are:

1. Police Station: in the ring of buildings that is around the police station, you will find the secret icon behind the middle building inside the ring. (Confusing description, I know, but when you are there, you’ll immediately see it.)

2. Police Station: there is also another secret icon around the police station that you need to pick up. By the alley of the square cluster of buildings (between the police station and the mall), you will find the icon on the right side of the street if you are walking from the police station toward the mall.

3. Power Plant: by the power plant is a park where the secret icon is. You just have to look around the park to find it, it’s pretty easy to spot.

4. Baseball Field: the last two secret icons in this area are found at the baseball fields. The first one is found in the parking lot by the main field.

5. Baseball Field: the second secret icon is found on the roof of the building that is in a triangle set of buildings between the baseball field and the mall.

The Suburbs

In the Suburbs, there are several different areas where you’ll need to go to get the five secret icons. They are:

1. High School: one of the secret icons is on the roof of one of the buildings.

2. Bobby Bolivia’s Car Lot: one of the secret icones is behind the building that is in the back of the car lot.

3. Mall: one of the secret icons is on the roof of the main Mall building.

4. Sam’s House: you will find one of the secret icons in a weird place here. Behind Sam’s house, you’ll see a billboard on a roof of the building that is the closest to his house. To get here, you’ll drive down the street that his house is on and head toward the city. The billboard that you saw is on the first building that you’ll come to. That is where you’ll find the icon.

5. Power Plant: the last secret icon is on the top of one of the fuel oil tanks that is in the middle area of the power plant.

The Last Stand

This is the last area where you will need to find the remaining five secret Autobot icons. Here are the last five:

1. Construction Area: you’ll find the secret icon across the street from this area, on top of the tallest, tapered building.

2. Central Park: there are two in Central Park, the first one is right by the bird statue.

3. Central Park: the second secret icon is next to the water tower that is on top of a building across the street from the bird statue’s right wing. (Simply look directly across from the bird statue’s right wing tip and you’ll see it.)

4. City Boulevard West: here you’ll find a dot on your mini map that has Chapter 3 on it. Go to the roof of the tall brick building next to that dot and jump off. You’ll pick up the secret icon on your way down.

5. The last secret icon in this area is a bit hard to explain and find - which is probably why it’s the last. Go two streets up from the starting point of the area and climb the last set of buildings right in front of you. Don’t go up the buildings on the edge of the area, make sure it’s the third set. You’ll find the icon on the tops of this set of buildings, on a one story building where there is a “Lush Dog’s” billboard.

Next Up

In the last part of this series, we’ll go through where all of the secret icons are in the Decepticon’s areas so that you can complete your collection.

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