The Best Free Transformers Games to Play Online

The Best Free Transformers  Games to Play Online
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With several incarnations (Generations) and numerous television and comic book spin-offs, the Transformers franchise has created its own niche in the entertainment world. The Transformers legend began with a simple Japanese toy line Microman and later appeared between 1984 and 1992 as the Transformers: Generation One toy line from Hasbro. The release of the G1 toy line received immediate success and got immense support from Marvel Comics and other merchandising tie-ins. Several animated television series were launched, and Transformers became a cult favorite. Currently, there are numerous TV, motion pictures, and comic book and video game spin-offs, including action-packed Transformers online games.

The Transformers franchise can be broadly classified into different “Generations”, such as G1, G2, Beast Wars, and Beast Machines, Armada, Transformers Universe, and whole lot of other incarnations and plots which might confuse even a die-hard Transformers fan. However, the soul of Transformers remains the same- alien humanoids having the ability to transform into vehicles or weapons.

The first Transformers video game appeared on Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum systems in 1986. A plain platformer/shooter, The Transformers revolved around the struggles between Autobots and Decepticons. The latest game, Transformers: War for Cybertron will be released for the console and PC platform in 2010. Besides mainstream platforms, there are several free online Transformers games available on the Internet. These are basically action games featuring your favorite Autobots and Decepticons.

Transformers: Battle for the Matrix

A plain shooter, Battle for the Matrix has 3D Transformers battling against an army of Decepticons. The control is simple mouse/keyboard combo with arrow keys to move the character and mouse clicks to aim and shoot laser weapons. You can convert Autobots into speedy vehicles by pressing the C key. The transform button really comes handy when you are surrounded by enemies on both sides. There’s also an option to switch weapons by pressing the Q and E keys.

Battle for the Matrix–Bumblebee in Action

While the game is action-packed and entertaining, it limits players to choose two characters—Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, the leader of Autobots. However, there are a wide variety of unlockables and weapon upgrades that are required for players to complete a level. Each completed level bestows New Sword, Alternate Gun, Increased Gun Damage, and other goodies. Players can also collect the Transformers icons to earn points and repair health. Battle for the Matrix is an excellent flash game for those looking for the best free online Transformers games on the Internet.

Play Transformers: Battle for the Matrix

Transformers: AllSpark Highway

Transformers–AllSpark Highway Screenshot

AllSpark Highway is all about total highway action. You will have to ride different Autobot vehicles to transport the AllSpark life force to Optimus Prime. The action/racing game is just like an Olympic relay. Autobot vehicles will have to follow the right route (marked with green arrows) to reach their friends and transfer AllSpark until it reaches the leader Optimus Prime. Of course there will be various obstacles like ditches, high obstacles, and different Decepticons. You will have to press the spacebar to jump obstacles or press the B key to fire weapons at enemies while driving.

Transformers–AllSpark Highway Screenshot 2

Different Autobot shields will give your vehicles temporary invincibility, which can really help you go through obstacles easily. Bear in mind, if you do not follow the right lane your vehicle may land in a dead end and receive an aerial attack. The game is fast-paced and one of the most unique Transformers online games.

Play Transformers: AllSpark Highway

Transformers Rollout

Transformers Online Games–Rollout

If you love fast-paced roller-coaster action, then Rollout is the perfect game for you. All you have to do is gain speed and transform your Autobot into a vehicle to gather Energon. On your way you will find various Decepticons obstructing your way. Just press the Z button to shoot and eliminate anyone who comes in between you and your goal.

Transformers Online Games–Rollout Screenshot 2

In Transformers: Rollout, there are two kinds of transformations: Press the down arrow key or press the directional keys (right or left keys) constantly to build up speed, which automatically transforms your Autobot into a speedy vehicle. There are also several speed boosters and health packs on your way to help your vehicle zip through those evil Decepticons. Those who are looking for fast-paced free online Transformers games will love to play Rollout.

Play Transformers: Rollout

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