Complete Guide to Shogun 2: Total War

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The Total War series is the king of the strategy sphere. Shogun 2 marks a return to the original release that sparked the series. It is the perfect marriage of real-time and turn-based strategy. You have to take charge of one of the clans during the Warring States period in Japan and lead them to victory by uniting the country and claiming the Shogunate.

No other game series has done such a great job of bringing strategic warfare gaming to life on such an epic scale. While recent iterations in the Total War line up may have over-complicated things, Shogun 2 simply mixes together the greatest features of the previous games and offers them up in a manageable form. This is deeply addictive and absorbing strategy gaming at its best. You’ll need to build a solid economy to support your invading armies. By building the right structures and researching the right arts you can make your clan supremely powerful.

You can find all the information you need about the game and how it stands out in the Total War series. You’ll also find some invaluable hints, tips and strategies for various aspects of Shogun 2. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player you’ll pick up some tactical information here that should serve you well.

Shogun 2: Total War Review

Learn all the details about this absorbing PC game. Find out how it differs from earlier releases in the series and get a close look at the gameplay, graphics and other features. If you’re wondering what makes Shogun 2 so great then here’s your answer.

Review of Shogun 2: Total War

Here’s another review of the game, offering you a slightly different perspective on the action. Learn how the single player and multiplayer options differ and exactly what they offer for gamers.

Shogun 2: Total War Guide to the Clans

There are 65 provinces in Shogun 2 and they are divided amongst a number of clans. Each clan has its own history, special abilities and territory. In this guide you’ll get the essential lowdown on the playable clans so you can decide which banner to raise.

Campaign Strategy Guide for Shogun 2

Now that you’ve selected a clan you’ll be thrown into action on the campaign map. To win the game you’ll need a sound campaign strategy for the turn-based element. Find out about the economy, city management, diplomacy, religion and research so that you can strike the right balance and build a solid foundation for battlefield glory.

Shogun 2: Total War Guide to Generals

These important figures are essential to any clan’s victory. Find out how to handle your Generals and how to get the best out of them. Learn about developing their skills, using them effectively on the battlefield and remember to keep a close eye on their loyalty.

Units and Battlefield Tactics in Shogun 2

Ultimate victory can only be achieved by spilling the blood of your enemies, and lots of it. Learn all about the various unit types at your disposal and how best to employ them in a battle. You’ll discover important tips about their strengths and their weaknesses.

Shogun 2 Guide: Replenishment, Agents and Victory

The game has a great deal of depth and so this guide delves into some other important factors. Replenishment is important for keeping your units at fighting strength. You’ll also find out about the various agents at your disposal and how they can be used against your enemies. The guide finishes off with some general victory advice.

Unit Guide for Shogun 2

As you build an army in Shogun 2 you’ll find that there is a wide array of unit types to choose from. A formidable army, fit for purpose, is based on the right mix. Find out what the unit types are and what you can expect from them in the heat of battle.

Cheat Codes for Total War: Shogun 2

Sometimes the game can be a little bit too tough, or perhaps you don’t have the time to play through a proper campaign. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to cut corners, you’ll find some useful cheat codes in this article.

If you were in any doubt before you shouldn’t be now – Shogun 2: Total War is an excellent strategy game and it requires real tactical skill to emerge victorious. If you have any tips of your own, or perhaps some questions, or even if you just want to let us know what you think of the game, then please post a comment.

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