Shogun 2: Total War Victory Guide

Shogun 2: Total War Victory Guide
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Shogun 2: Total War Victory

This is the final part of our Shogun 2: Total War guide. It’s a huge game so this really just scrapes the surface of what you can do but hopefully you’ve found something useful so far. In this last part we’ll take a look at some things we haven’t discussed yet, such as replenishment of troops and special agents. Then we’ll offer some final advice for that all important Shogun 2: Total War victory.


The retraining or recovery of your troops is a bit different in Shogun 2: Total War. It’s a replenishment system like in Napoleon: Total War. Units that have suffered losses will gradually replenish over time when they are in a friendly province. As long as they are in a city or with a general their numbers will build back up.

You can get bonuses to the rate of replenishment by improving your roads. You’ll also get a bonus for appointing a Commissioner of Supply and by researching Heaven and Earth in the Arts. The biggest bonuses can be gained by building the Encampment and some of the other buildings that follow on in that chain. It’s a good idea to build Encampments in your border provinces where you’ll likely have the most troops.

Naval units have to be in ports in order to replenish.



There are a few special agents available in Shogun 2: Total War and you should definitely use them. Even if you don’t want to make them a part of your main strategy you can’t afford to ignore them altogether or enemy agents will run riot. These characters can develop over time, like generals and will be able to improve their skills and hire retainers. For them to be truly effective you need to use them often and build up their skills. Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.


Metsuke Character

The metsuke are extremely useful agents. They can detect, capture and try enemy agents. They can also bribe enemy armies and generals. You’ll need to build the Market in order to hire a metsuke and other buildings in that chain will bring bonuses. It’s best to make sure you always have a metsuke with each general because of the protection they offer. Unfortunately they are prone to conversion by enemy monks or missionaries so watch out for that.


Ninja Skills

These stealthy assassins can really sabotage your enemies. They can assassinate other characters, although there is a cost involved. They can sabotage armies and buildings, great for slowing down an invading force or opening the gates before you siege a city. They’re also really good for scouting and if you add one to an army you’ll be able to move further. In your towns they can increase your range of vision so it’s easier to see any encroachments. Their sabotage and assassinate actions are expensive and the percentage chance of success is displayed before you confirm so choose carefully.


The Geisha are assassins like the Ninja but you won’t be able to recruit them until later in the game. You need to research Ninjutsu Mastery in the Arts, secure a source of silk and build an Infamous Mizu Shobai District. They can’t sabotage but they can spy and assassinate.

Monk or Missionaries

Monk Character

Depending on your religion you will be able to recruit monks or missionaries. You need to build the Buddhist Temple for monks and the Chapel for missionaries. You should have one in every army for a morale boost. You can also use them to demoralize the enemy. They can convert the population of provinces and are great for calming a town in your empire. They can also be used to incite revolt in provinces that don’t share their religion. Character conversion is another handy skill they possess and as mentioned before metsuke are especially susceptible to this.

Using Agents

All of the agents cost 500 (except the Geisha at 1,000). Many of their actions also have associated costs so keep an eye on your cash when you use them. Having a metsuke, monk and ninja in your army is always a good idea and it will seriously reduce your risk of running into trouble with enemy agents, not to mention the boosts to performance.

For spying on other provinces the ninja are obviously the best for the job. You can use metsuke and monks to get a look but they run a higher risk of being attacked.

Shogun 2: Total War Victory


Winning a campaign in Shogun 2 is not easy. The victory conditions are different for each clan, you can check them via the Objectives list under the map in the top right. There will be a list of provinces that you must win, a total number to reach and of course every clan must claim Kyoto.

As you can see from these Shogun 2: Total war guides a successful campaign requires a balanced approach. Focussing on the military too much will lead to disaster, but of course you need a strong army to defend yourself and advance. Develop your economy, build strong armies, get some experience for your generals and keep a close eye on their loyalty. Use agents to gain advantages and to protect your family.

Statue Cutscene

Diplomatic relations are vital for many of the clans especially in the early game. Try to choose your alliances carefully and remember that when you reach legendary fame and trigger realm divide there is a very real chance that your allies will abandon you.

Extra tips or even tales of your experiences that might help others to Shogun 2: Total war victory are welcomed so please post a comment. I’ll also return to the guides and add in more details as I find them.


All information and screenshots from Shogun 2: Total War by The Creative Assembly.

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