Complete Guide to Torchlight Achievements

Complete Guide to Torchlight Achievements
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Over the Brink (10 GS)** - Defeat Brink.

You’ll first encounter Brink on Floor 2 of the Orden Mines, but as an ally. Once you reach Floor 4 you will be confronted by Torchlight’s antagonist, Alric, who transforms Brink into a raging crystalline beast. He has four attacks you need to be wary of. The first is a standard melee attack, and the second is a ground-pound melee attack that sends a shockwave through the ground in front of him. His third attack is an area-of-effect exploding crystal spell. When the crystals appear, you have a few seconds to move away before they erupt and damage you. If you’re quick enough you can attack them to safely destroy them before detonation. His last attack is a basic ranged missile spell.

  • A Lich to Scratch (10 GS) - Defeat the Overseer.

The Overseer rules over Floor 8 of the Tomb of the Awakened. He will summon skeletal companions to harass you during the battle, and teleport around the room to chase you down. He also wields a mix of area-of-effect and targeted lightning-based magic.

  • Tree Hugger (10 GS) - Defeat the Root Golem.

Unlike the other achievements in this list, Tree Hugger is awarded for defeating a mini-boss as opposed to a “true” boss. The Root Golem is encountered on Floor 15 of the Estherian Ruins.

Torchlight Achievement Guide - Story Progression 2

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When this Town's a Rockin' (10 GS)** - Defeat the Ember Colossus.

This behemoth is found on Floor 20 of the Tu’Tara Caverns. He has multiple devastating attacks that you need to avoid. His basic melee swipes are brutal in their own right, but his ranged attacks are utterly fatal. He will leap into the air and stomp the ground, sending several area-of-effect shockwaves coursing through the ground. He will also fire a focused beam of energy at you, draining your health rapidly.

  • Big and Green and Dead All Over (10 GS) - Defeat Krag.

Krag is a gigantic troll that lies in wait on Floor 24 of the Molten Prison. He is guarded by Trollmasters that heal Krag and shield him from damage, so kill them as quickly as possible. Keep your distance from Krag’s melee attacks and pick away at his health until he falls.

  • Purple People Defeater (10 GS) - Defeat Medea.

This feline menace guards Floor 29 of the Lost Fortress. Her primary gimmick is summoning mirror images of herself in a vain attempt to confuse you. Aside from that this fight is not too complicated, as she focuses mainly on melee attacks.

  • Only a Master of Evil (50 GS) - Defeat Alric.

Alric is the penultimate boss of Torchlight and awaits on Floor 34 of the Black Palace. He summons a dragon phantom avatar that breathes fire at you. He doesn’t really utilize any other advanced techniques, but even his standard attacks are very powerful. Once you’ve whittled down his health bar, he will flee the battlefield to Floor 35 below.

Torchlight Achievement Guide - Misc.

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Fetch a Fair Price (10 GS)** - Send your pet to town.

Your loyal canine or feline companion can be sent to town to unload your unwanted loot for cash. They will be gone for ten seconds per Floor level, up to a maximum of two minutes.

  • Shape-Shifter (10 GS) - Change your pet by feeding it fish.

Various species of fish will shift your pet into alternate forms, granting them special offensive abilities. Regular fish change your pet’s form for two minutes, big fish change them for an hour, and giant fish change their form permanently. Feeding your pet a dogfish/catfish reverts them back to their original state.

  • Enchanted (20 GS) - Successfully enchant one item 5 times.
  • Enchantment Overload (20 GS) - Successfully enchant one item 10 times.

Enchantments can be bought from the Enchanter in town or applied at the Shrine of Enchantment. Be warned however that there is a random chance of removing all enchantments from an item when using either method.

  • Superstar (30 GS) - Achieve maximum fame.

Fame is awarded for completing quests and killing infamous monsters, namely bosses. Simply grind away until you max out your fame level and nab the achievement.