How to Open the Console and Input Cheats in Torchlight

How to Open the Console and Input Cheats in Torchlight
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Whether you are you looking for a bit of help beating a difficult boss or you’re simply interested in some additional entertainment during dungeon crawls, this guide will show you how to access the Torchlight cheat console and input codes. You will also find an extensive list of available cheats, ID numbers to spawn powerful weapons and armor and an easy trick to duplicate items.

Alter the Settings File

Many of the cheats listed require you to alter the settings.txt file in order to access the console. It’s always recommended to create a backup of the Torchlight folder prior to altering files, just to be safe. It’s important to note that the settings.txt file will not exist in the Torchlight folder until after the game is loaded for the first time.

The path to the settings.txt file you must alter is as follows:

C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\settings.txt

Once the file is opened find the line that reads “console: 0” and change it to “console: 1” and proceed to save and exit.

Access the Console

Now you will be able to access the console screen during game play. Press and hold Shift and the “~” key. Once in the console screen simply type in the desired cheat.

Cheat List

Once the console is open you have access to a hefty list of cheats. Simply enter the bold words into the console and the cheat will be activated. Also, do not include the bracket symbols with the cheat. For example, the money spawning cheat should read Money 100 to spawn 100 gold, rather than Money [100].

GOD - This toggles God mode, making your character unkillable. Have fun!

Money [Amount] - This spawns a specific amount of money in your inventory.

Help - This will list all other command.

CLS - This cheat erases the console history.

Disablepet - This will disable the character’s pet.

Weapon - Enter this cheat to see a list of all the belts in the game. Additionally, you can list different weapons by entering a specific type of weapon. For example, typing Axe will list all axes, typing Rifle will list all rifles, and so on.

Belt - Enter this cheat to see a list of all the belts in the game.

Boots - The same as the cheat above except this will list boots instead.

Chest armor - This cheat lists all the chest armor in the game.

Fish - This cheat provides a list of all the fish in the game.

Socketable - This lists all of the gems in the game.

Gloves - This lists all the gloves in the game. Additionally, you can list different items by entering a specific type of armor or item. For example, typing Helmet will list all helmets, typing Potion will list all potions, and so on.

Spell - This cheat lists all the spells in the game.

Difficulty - This displays the games difficulty.

NoXP - After entering this cheat the character will no longer gain XP.

Allstats [Amount] - This cheat will increase all stat categories by the amount entered. Additionally, you can enter specific stats to increase them individually. For example, entering Defense 3 will boost defense by 3, entering Dexterity 3 will increase dexterity by 3, and so on.

Fame [Amount] - This increase fame by the amount entered.

Magic [Amount] - This increase magic by the amount entered.

Skillpoints [Amount] - This increase skillpoints by the amount entered.

Statpoints [Amount] - This increase statpoints by the amount entered.

[Item] [Index Number],[Amount] - This command deposits the item into your inventory in the quantity entered. For example, entering Sword 16,5 will give you 5 swords starting in the 15th index slot.

Ascend - This will cause you to go down one floor.

Descend - This will cause you to go down one floor.

Identifyall - This will identify all items in your inventory.

Reveal items with the

Cheat Section Continued

Levelup - This cheat will cause your character to gain a level.

Killall - Entering this command will kill all monsters.

Use the

Quests - This cheat will list all quests.

Playernotarget - This cheat will cause monsters to stop targeting the character.

Alwayscrit - This will cause all of the characters hits to be criticals.

Reload - This will reload textures.

Resetpetlevel - This cheat reset your pet to level 1.

Resetskills - This cheat reset your skills.

Resetstats - This cheat reset your stat points.

Resetplayerlevel - This cheat resets your character to level 1.

Resetplayer - This cheat reset your level, skills, and stats.

Restartlevel - This will restart the current level.

Room - Returns to the room the character is in.

Questcomplete - Sets a quest to complete.

Questactive - Sets a quest to active.

Cameradistance [Amount] - This causes the camera distance to be multiplied by the amount entered.

Setdifficulty [Number] - Adjusts the games difficulty to the number entered.

Setpetlevel [Number] - This sets your pets level to the number entered.

FPS - This will show framerate information.

Speed - This increases your speed.

Godspeed - This command toggle God and speed mode.

Combatlog - This toggles the combat log.

AIFreeze - Entering this command will turn off monster AI.

AI Stash - This cheat will spawn a stash.

Spawn Items

You can also spawn items by opening the console and typing “item #” where # is the ID number of the item you wish to spawn. Here are a few powerful items to aid you in battle.

Elitch’s Eye (Drain enemy mana by 15 per hit / +12 magic) – item 1766

The Earthstar Cold Ember Shard (+33 ice damage / +28 ice resistance) – item 2597

The Eternal Flow Ember Shard (+33 electric damage / +28 electric resistance) – item 2599

The Fire Queen Ember Shard (+33 fire damage / +28 fire resistance) – item 2600

The Grand Depths Ember Shard (Reduce enemy armor by 48 per hit / +12 dexterity) – item 2603

The Infinite Pure Ember Shard (+49 damage / +34 armor) – item 2607

The Pirate Skull (Drain 48 enemy health per hit / +12 defense) – item 2627

The Sea King’s Core Ember Shard (Generates 19 health per second / +12 strength) – item 2629

The Spire City Life Ember Shard (+33 poison damage / +28 poison resistance) – item 2631

Health and mana potions spawned and placed on the hotbar.

Duplicate Items

You can also duplicate Torchlight items with an easy vendor trick. In the vendor window, left click on any item to select it. Don’t place it in an open inventory slot, though. Instead, place it on an item you already have in your inventory. If done correctly you should duplicate the item you selected in your inventory. This works best if you select a cheap item from the vendor and an expensive item from your inventory. Note that item enchantments will not be duplicated, but a random enchantment will appear on the duplicated item.