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    • The Ultimate Guide to Torchlight
      If you like playing Diablo or other semi-random loot-hunting hack and slash RPGs, Torchlight is for you. There's plenty to do and a variety of ways to do it, via each of the three unique classes. Hunt fantastic monsters and slay them with powerful skills, and use our detailed guides to do it!
    • Torchlight Character Guide: The Vanquisher
      If you like your characters to live on the edge then the Vanquisher is for you. Capable of doing absurd amounts of damage, but unable to take much in return, the Vanquisher is probably Torchlight's most difficult and rewarding class to play.
    • The Best Modifications for Torchlight
      Torchlight is a great Diablo clone - a bright, fun and deep action-rpg. But to make Torchlight even better - and less of a grind - you absolutely have to install some good mods. So keep reading the Top 10 Best Torchlight Mods lists to find out exactly how awesome your Torchlight experience can be.
    • Cheats, Codes and Tricks for Torchlight
      Learn how to access the cheat console and enhance your adventures in the PC RPG Torchlight with these cheats and tricks.
    • Basic Tips for the Destroyer in Torchlight
      With a name like the Destroyer, he's pretty much the class who smashes, slices, and grunts his way to victory. Here's a few tips on how to keep the Destroyer from being turned into a typical boring old melee fighter.
    • Torchlight Class Guide: The Alchemist
      When you think of an Alchemist you likely don't think of a sword-and-staff wizard mowing down enemies. But that is exactly what the Alchemist does, and this guide will help you mow 'em down with the best.
    • Torchlight Achievement Guide
      Runic Games incredibly popular Torchlight has arrived on Xbox Live Arcade, bringing with it the same epic dungeon-crawling fun that earned the PC version heaps of praise. Bright Hub's Torchlight Achievement Guide outlines all 12 unlockable achievements in the game.
    • Torchlight Equipment Guide: Choosing the Best Gear
      When roaming the many dungeons in Torchlight you'll come across all kinds of equipment with numerous stat bonuses. Picking the best equipment can become confusing because of the many choices available. This Torchlight Equipment Guide provides some tips on how to choose the best gear.
    • Guide to The Molten Prison (The Black Palace and The Shadow Vault) for Torchlight
      If you are stuck on The Molten Prison, The Black Palace or The Shadow Vault then these guides can help you to get past the end of the game.