A Torchlight Walkthrough: The Molten Prison, The Black Palace and The Shadow Vault

A Torchlight Walkthrough: The Molten Prison, The Black Palace and The Shadow Vault
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The Molten Prison

This level is basically a test of endurance so expect encounters to come at you one after another. What you have to do here is be ready for your enemy types. The types of enemies that you will encounter are:

  • Goblins in armor - Powerful melee unit you will have to hack through.
  • Goblin archers - Their arrow barrages pierce and explode. Do what you can to take them out early and avoid the arrows.
  • Goblin hounds - They have a devastating firey dash, use a knockback to cancel it out.
  • Goblin healer - Generally a support unit, but leaving them alive can make a battle longer then need be.
  • Troll and troll Juggernaughts - Simply a matter of beating them down over and over again. Expect to spend some time on the Juggernaughts, who are stronger trolls.

Don’t worry too much about direction. This is an all roads lead to Rome sort of a scenario.

Boss Battle: Krag

Take out the troll masters that are shielding Krag and then lay on the DPS. Beating Krag is merely a matter of time and energy.

The Black Palace

This is more of a tower where you have to survive and know the strategy on each level.

Level 30

Beware of the generators these summon 3 packs of Dark Zelots and Blood Discliples. The diciples have a dash similar to goblin hounds so treat them the same way. Zelots throw ember bolts that you should avoid when possible.

Level 31

When you reach the big room at the end of the hallway. Syl is trapped and a shade will try to stop you. Chat with Syl and move on.

Level 32/33

Standard dunegons on this floor. The monsters will be high level so keep a look for grand potions on level 33’s floor. The monsters will drop them when you defeat them.

Level 34

Another long hall with a big room at the end. Some chat and now a boss battle.

Alric-be aware of his avatar a large dragon. Summon units to surround him and concentrate on heavy damage and healing. You won’t kill him here, he will, after awhile, retreat to level 35.

Level 35

Notice how quiet it is with no regular enemies? That’s because your final battle draws near. After some robbing be ready to fight Ordrak. Here is what you do.

1. Lure Ordrak out of this room. If you don’t he will have endless minions. In other rooms they will disappear randomly. Look for grand potions when they do.

2. Avoid fireballs and shockwaves. Don’t get too close to him or you will get a ground stomp.

3. Use ranged attacks and set lots of traps. You can’t kill him directly, but your traps can! Play him wisely.

Once the fight is over return to Torchlight with the waygate on level 34.

The Shadow Vault

This is in the southeast corner of the town and is a large multilevel dungeon with a great deal of variety. Monsters are scaled to your level and spawn randomly.

There are two quests in this level. If you want them talk to the people near the entrance, Valeria and Gar. They will be simple, since everything here is about the monsters.