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Legendary Staves in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne (Part Four)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The last article in a series of four on the legendary staves in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

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    This last article in the series wraps up the rest of the staves that are of legendary quality in the game of Immortal Throne.

    Shikigami – This is in the core edition of Titan Quest, with 127-137 base cold damage and a slow attack speed. There is a character level requirement of 40 and a required intelligence of 434. There are stat buffs of +22% cold damage, +25% lightning damage, 30% elemental resistance, 35% cold resistance, 56% life leech resistance, +26 to intelligence, +148 energy, +2 to spell shock, +2 to summon wisp, and +1.5 energy regeneration every second.

    Staff of Elysium – This staff is in the Titan Quest game and it has a slow speed with 150-158 base cold damage. There are the requirements to wield this weapon of a character level of 45 and an intelligence of 500. It has the stat bonuses of +11% cold damage, 32% pierce resistance, 28% elemental resistance, 29% poison resistance, +300 to health, +216 to energy, +2 to health regeneration every second, +2 to energy regeneration every second, +65 to defensive ability, +55% casting speed, and +2 to nature mastery skills.

    Staff of the Cosmos – This is in the Immortal Throne expansion and has a very slow speed. There are requirements of a 42 character level and an intelligence of 470. It has a stat buff of +27% elemental damage, +32 to intelligence, +1.4 energy regeneration every second, +139 offensive ability, +100% casting speed, 11% chance to dodge attacks, -30% energy cost, +52% increase in projectile speed, it also has a chance for either 147 base fire damage, 141-152 base cold damage, or 112-181 base lightning damage.

    The Gatekeeper – This staff is also in the Immortal Throne expansion and it has 147 base fire damage and very slow speed. It has a character level of 41 and an intelligence of 470. There are stat buffs of +22% total damage, 5% damage resistance, +11 to intelligence, +34 to dexterity, +340 to health, +1.4 energy regeneration every second, and +31% attack speed.

    This is the last of the four part series of legendary staves. Please feel free to print it out if you would like. Thanks for reading!