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Legendary Bows in Titan Quest (Part Three)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Part three of this series will give you a taste of even more of the legendary bows in the game of Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne, as well as their requirements and buffs.

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    Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne have tons of weapons in the game. These are the legendary bows, the best ones in the game. It will explain the requirements and their stat buffs to the user.

    Helios’ Fury – This is a core Titan Quest bow and it has the character level requirement of 41, the dexterity of 408, and the strength of 145. It will also grant the skill of Ring of Flame. It has a very slow speed, 25% piercing, and 158-174 damage. It has the stat bonuses of +14% damage, 15% chance of +180% fire damage, 38 fire damage, 88% fire resistance, +265 to energy, and -15% to energy cost.

    Khamsin – This is in the basic Titan Quest unexpanded edition and it has the requirements of a character level of 39, a strength of 133, and a dexterity of 353. It has 25% piercing, 128-139 damage, and a very slow firing. It has the stat buffs of +25% energy regeneration, +28% health regeneration, +315 health, +28 dexterity, 23% elemental resistance, 3% chance of 3-8 seconds of confusion, and 5% chance of 64-79 elemental damage and 57% slower movement for six seconds.

    Meerkwood Bow – This is in the Immortal Throne set and it has requirements of a character level of 40, a strength of 139, and a dexterity of 383. It has 25% piercing, 149-167 damage, and is in the very slow weapon class. The stat buffs are +17% pierce damage, +39% life leech, 9% of attack damage converts to health, +37 to dexterity, +80 to defensive ability, +33% attack speed, and +50 increase in projectile speed.

    Neith’s Bow of the Sun – This is in the core edition of Titan Quest. It has the requirements of character level of 39, a strength of 133, and a dexterity of 353. It is very slow, with 25% piercing and 128-139 damage. There are stat bonuses of +1 to skills in the warfare or hunting mastery, +10% attack speed, -10 reserved energy cost, +25% health regeneration, 25 fire damage, 46% fire resistance, and 42% poison resistance.

    Nemesis’ Recurve – This is in Titan Quest. It has the character level requirement of a character level of 44, a dexterity of 408, and a strength of 145. It has 158-174 damage, 25% piercing and in a very slow speed range. It has great stat buffs of +70 offensive ability, +450 to health, +34 to dexterity, 3% chance of 56% life retaliation, +18% damage, +20% pierce damage, 6-24 poison damage over six seconds, and a 5% chance of 1-4 seconds of stun or 65-70 bleeding damage per second.

    The rest of the legendary bows will be wrapped up in the last article of this series, so you will have a complete list and understanding of every one of the awesome legendary bows in the Titan Quest games.