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Titan Quest Immortal Throne: Guide to Lesser Artifacts (Part Four)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The last part of this series will give the remaining lesser artifacts in the pc games of Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

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    The rest of the lesser artifacts that you can get in the game of Titan Quest Immortal Throne. These are all listed in only A-Z order and no other way. Good luck in finding the ones that you want in the game.

    Spirit Blight – It has a requirement of a character level of 35. It gives +95% energy regeneration, +60 to energy, +25% vitality damage, and 36 poison damage over three seconds.

    Star Heart – It has a character level requirement of 10. It gives +4% to elemental damage, 30 burn damage over three seconds, 4% elemental resistance, and +4% total speed.

    Summoner’s Totem – This has a requirement to have a character level of 40. It gives +50% health regeneration, +15 to dexterity, 25 piercing damage, +15% fire damage, and +6% pierce damage.

    Sunstone – This has a character level requirement of 25. It gives 25% skill disruption protection, 25% fire resistance, +10% vitality damage, +10% fire damage, and +10% damage.

    Thunderfist – This has a character level requirement of 45. It gives 20% chance of 5 seconds of skill disruption, 18-45 lightning damage, 90 energy leech over three seconds, +15% lightning damage, +9% bleeding damage, and 108 bleeding damage over three seconds.

    Tome of Transfiguration – It has a required character level of 40. It will give +10% attack speed, +25 to intelligence, +35 to strength, 25 to armor, 10 to elemental damage, and +15% elemental damage.

    Tongue of Flame – This has a required character level of 45. It gives +10% energy, +14% intelligence, 40% poison resistance, +15% lightning damage, +15% fire damage, and 90 burn damage over three seconds.

    Touch of the Fool – This has a required character level of 15. It gives 15 armor, 50% skill disruption protection, -5% energy cost, +30% casting speed, and +10% energy.

    Wraithguard – This has a required character level of 5. It gives +20 to offensive ability, 12% chance of 50% damage reflected, 7% vitality damage resistance, and 18 life leech over three seconds.

    I hope that this list of the requirements and the stat buffs to every lesser artifact will be of help to you in your journey through the mythic lands of old in Titan Quest Immortal Throne.