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Legendary Axes in Titan Quest and Immortal Throne (Part One)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The available legendary axes in the pc game of Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne are explored in this three part series.

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    If you are an axe wielder in the games of Titan Quest or Titan Quest Immortal Throne you know that they are the best in the game. This series will explore the legendary axes, their buffs, and their requirements. If you are needing a more portable listing, feel free to print out this article series. These are in alphabetical order, not by character level requirements.

    Acheron’s Touch – This is in the Titan Quest core edition, with a required character level of 42, dexterity of 159, and strength of 440. It has 174-182 damage with average speed. Its stat buffs are +10% damage, 104% life leech resistance, 34-42 cold damage, 14-30 vitality damage, 45% slower movement for three seconds, 44% cold resistance, and 3% chance of 3 seconds of skill disruption.

    Atropos’ Assistant – This is in the unexpanded Titan Quest and it has a character level requirement of 37, a dexterity of 143, and a strength of 380. It has 148-156 damage, average speed, and 15% piercing. The stat bonuses are 2% chance of 76% reduction to foe’s health, 20-26 vitality damage, 87% bleeding resistance, 98% life leech resistance, +20% energy regeneration, and +24 to strength.

    Axe of Tereus – This is in regular Titan Quest and has a required character level of 42, strength of 440, and dexterity of 159. It has 174-182 damage and average speed. It has stat buffs of +10% to damage, +2 to onslaught skill, +10% offensive ability, +38 to strength, 36 bonus damage, and 10% chance of 56% slower attack for two seconds.

    Cerberus’ Bite – This is in Titan Quest, with requirements of character level of 41, strength of 440, and a dexterity of 159. It gives the skill of Charge. There is 174-182 damage, with average speed, and 20% piercing. The stat buffs to it are 318 bleeding damage over six seconds, +34 to strength, +1 to all skills in all masteries, 3% chance of +283% bleeding damage, and 7% of attack damage goes to health.

    Charybdis – Found in the regular Titan Quest and it has requirements of character level of 42, dexterity of 159, and strength of 440. It is in the Bane of Messia set. You’ll get 182-192 damage and average speed. The stat bonuses are +17% damage, and 7% chance of 198 vitality decay over three seconds, 30% slower movement for three seconds, 1-3 seconds of stun, +54 offensive ability, and 5-8% energy drained (100% energy drained will cause damage).

    Enkidu’s Stand – This axe is found in Titan Quest core and has a character level of 37, a dexterity of 143, and a strength of 380. It has a slow speed, +10% damage, and 162-174 damage. More stat buffs are +43% attack speed, +25 health regeneration every second, 56% fire resistance, 3% chance of 290 fire damage, and 105-141 energy leech over three seconds.

    This concludes the first part of a three part series on the Legendary axes of Titan Quest. Feel free to browse parts two and three if you didn’t find the one you like in this list, the rest of them are listed there.