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Titan Quest's Epic Axes With an Under 100 Strength Requirement

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

More of the epic axes in the pc game of Titan Quest, these all have a super low strength requirement so that you can use them on a wider range of character builds.

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    These epic axes are all with a strength requirement of under 100, so it’s good for those who aren’t too beefy to wield. They are listed in alphabetical order and will give you their requirements and their bonuses to the character. Good luck in finding the perfect lower strength epic axe for you in the game of Titan Quest for PC.

    Adranis – This is not a set item and it has an average speed with 52-62 damage. There are requirements of a 10 strength, a 10 dexterity, and a character level of 21 with this axe. You’ll get stat bonuses of 11% of attack damage converting to health, 21% slower attack for two seconds, +16 to strength, +15% health regeneration, and +21 to offensive ability.

    Brigand’s Axe – Not a set item, this axe as 10% piercing, an average speed, and 48-56 damage. There is a required character level of 21, a needed strength of 96, and a required dexterity of 188. The stat buffs are 19% pierce resistance, +16% attack speed, 6% chance to dodge attacks, -7% strength requirement for all weapons, and +1 to all rogue mastery skills.

    Butcher’s Bridge – This axe isn’t a set item, and it has an average speed with 23-35 damage. There are requirements for this axe of a character level of 7, a dexterity of 64, and a strength of 99. There is stat buffs of +28% damage, +6 to strength, +22 to health, 14% reduced damage for one second, and 21-39 bleeding damage over three seconds.

    Hair Splitter – Not a set item, this axe has 25 damage and a very fast speed. There are requirements of a character level of 5, a strength of 99, and a dexterity of 64. It has stat bonuses of +14% damage and a 25% chance of 10-30 reduced defensive ability for five seconds.

    These epic axes are all under 100 in strength requirement, which is good if you are wanting an axe on a druid or caster in the game.