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Titan Quest’s Epic Clubs with a 35 and Over Character Level Requirement

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This article provides a list of the epic clubs that you can have with a character above level 35 in Titan Quest PC game.

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    There are good epic clubs in Titan Quest that has the rarity and the stat buffs to make your character gloat upon finding them. Hopefully this reference guide to them will be of use to you. Please feel free to print off this article series and mark the ones that you’ve already found and the ones that you still need to gather.

    Remember you can always tell if a club is epic by the blue writing on the description. These are found in any Act and with any character level, even those character levels that are under what is needed to wield the weapon. They are good for additional funds at the vendor should your character not need a particular find.

    Remember with Titan Quest Immortal Throne you can use the caravans to transfer items from character to character in your account as well.

    Arcadion Judgment – This has a character level requirement of 35, a dexterity need of 129, and a strength requirement of 398. It is slow in speed and has 139-161 damage. There are stat buffs of -10% energy cost, +19% attack speed, +122 to energy, +21 to dexterity, +18 to intelligence, +19 to strength, and 7% chance of 3-5 seconds of confusion.

    Melon Hammer – With a character level requirement of 36, a strength needed of 398, and a dexterity needed of 129, this has a slow speed and 132-152 damage. There are stat bonuses of 15 bonus damage, 33 piercing damage, 15% chance of 1-2 seconds of stun, +80 to health, +38 to defensive ability, +19% attack speed, and +1 to all defense mastery skills.

    Skullcrusher – This has the requirements of a character level of 37, a dexterity of 129, and a strength of 398. It has slow speed and 145-173 damage. It has stat bonuses of +39% damage, 35% lightning resistance, 38% skill disruption protection, +15 to strength, +72 to health, +50 offensive ability, and 1-% chance for 127 bonus damage, 2-4 seconds of stun, or 3-6 seconds of confusion.

    There are other clubs that are epic that are listed in this series of articles. They are all categorized for your character level and the needs of your character. I hope that this series is helpful and needed.