Team Fortress 2 Character Guide: Engineer Character Class Guide

Team Fortress 2 Character Guide: Engineer Character Class Guide
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Just me and my sentry

My wrench is my best friend

The engineer is not a glamorous class. They rarely make it to the top of the scoreboard. People are always hollering at you to do your job faster: “Put that teleporter over here! We need a dispenser!” and so on. To defend yourself, you only have the most basic weapons: a shotgun and pistol. The sentry is your most powerful tool, but maintaining a teleporter connection can give your team a massive edge offensively. Placing a dispenser properly can also make sure that your team has plenty of ammo and health so that they can stay in the fight as long as possible.

Your primary responsibility as an engineer is to place your sentry in a place that will control the movements of the other team while protecting the sentry from damage and spy sapping. Proper placement differs from map to map, but there are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind:

1. Don’t place your sentry in an open area.

2. Make sure that you can repair it safely while your back is protected from spies.

3. Put the sentry in a critical area that that the enemy team needs to pass by.

Upgrading your sentry as fast as possible is very important. The basic sentry can be easily destroyed, particularly by soldiers. If you have a sentry in a heavily trafficked area, you should be in a position to be able to repair it constantly. It can help to place a dispenser right next to your sentry so that a constant stream of metal enters your supply so that you can keep your sentry intact while the fury of the entire opposing team pours down on top of it.

Your teleporter is also very important. If you find that your exits and entries are continually getting destroyed, it will be a good idea to place it more conservatively than you have been. The teleporter’s primary purpose is to push slower classes like the soldier and heavy to the front much faster.

Defending your sentry from spies is easy - unless you’re facing an expert. A good engineer is constantly paranoid. If someone on your team looks suspicious, shoot at them. Even if they don’t look suspicious, shoot at them anyway - just to make sure. Try to keep your back to a wall while you’re repairing to protect yourself from backstabs. Keeping your machinery up and running is a thankless job, but without it, any team will fall apart like wet cardboard during a hurricane.