Team Fortress 2 how to play: Good Places for an Engineer to Erect a Teleporter

Team Fortress 2 how to play: Good Places for an Engineer to Erect a Teleporter
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Often, you will see an Engineer with all his buildings piled up in the corner of a room, teleporting five inches repeatedly to boost his points. This is dirty and shameful! Your fatass teammates are breaking a sweat just getting to the fracas – be a credit to team and give them a lift! But effective placement is important; your team will curse you after waiting ten seconds for the teleporter to charge, only to end up at the base’s front door. Teleporter entrances should generally be close to your spawn points, but be mindful of shifting spawns in maps like Well and Granary. Where you put teleporter exits is a bit more interesting. Let’s break it down map by map.

With such a short distance between the bases, is it even worth leaving your sentry unattended to get a teleporter set up? Definitely. Keeping your Heavies out of the Snipers' gallery on the bridge and popping teammates into unexpected areas will put the pressure on your foes. The easiest location for your exit in the enemy base is in the corner at the bottom of the sewer stairs (tp-2fort1.jpg), followed by the spot behind the barrels/crates at the top of the sewer stairs (tp-2fort2.jpg). Make sure to rotate the exit with your secondary fire so your passenger doesn’t end up facing at a wall after the teleport. If you can follow a surge into the inner workings of the base, you can snag even better locations. If you can slap down an exit in the upstairs room with the drop (tp-2fort3.jpg), your teammates can easily take down the classic sentry choke point and dash for the intel. The only drawback about this location is that the exit is visible through the grating from the room below, but there’s little the spotter can immediately do about it himself. The pièce de résistance, however, will be if you can worm your way down to the intel room. Cram an exit behind the desk (tp-2fort4.jpg) and see how long it takes them to figure out why their intel is being grabbed over and over. Of course, the risk on this one is high; the teleported still have to fight all the way back out, and a enemy sentry placed in the intel room will ruin everything, but slowly gathering a teleported army in the intel room could crush everything. You may be thinking, “Why not do it the other way around and put the entrance in the enemy intel room and warp the intel carrier home?” Intel carriers are denied several advantages. They cannot be ubercharged and they cannot be teleported. Oh well.

Teleports are critical on this map for both offense and defense as the line of scrimmage fluctuates. Placement is not as critical, just as long as you can get your people where they need to be quickly. As a suggestion for defense on the first stage, put your exit on the rails leading to the capture point shack (tp-dustbowl1.jpg), so that teleportees immediately have several paths to choose from. On the second stage, set up a cozy home in the main shack near the capture point (tp-dustbowl2.jpg) for a safe landing. For the third stage, go ahead and set up an exit in the overlooking room accessible from the resupply room on the right (tp-dustbowl3.jpg). This path will remain open as long as the first point isn’t captured, making the teleporter seem moot, but after the point is captured, the door is locked and the porter will give you easy access to your turret and allow your teammates to sneak around to the back of the foray. Offense can get teleports going pretty much anywhere; the only notable recommendations are the rooms behind the one-way doors in the backs of the first and second stages.

Granary and Well
The constant back-and-forth nature of these maps make it hard to keep teleporters useful. Primarily, they should be used to keep home capture points safe, but can later be shifted forward as the team makes their push. Setting up camp in the battlements of the middle building (tp-well.jpg) will retain easy access to the central point. There’s no great place to hide an exit in the middle of Granary, but moving a bit forward reveals a perfect curb right next to the enemy base (tp-granary.jpg) to tuck an exit behind, letting friendly units flank the middle point.