Team Fortress 2 Console Commands List

Team Fortress 2 Console Commands List
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The Best Team Fortress 2 Console Commands

The developer console is an invaluable tool within source engine produced games. It holds an array of console inputs that can alter things like shader detail, refresh rates, in-game player names, left/right model orientation and environment clipping. The sheer list of Team Fortress 2 console commands is staggering – like the variety of server-side administrative options – and this article looks into providing a list of the most useful console commands for the game. It should be noted that enabling the developer console, by selecting it in the advanced menu of the options tab, will allow you to input these commands.

This article on Team Fortress 2 console commands will be split into three distinct sections hereafter. Firstly, a list of cl_ commands that alter things such as automatic reloading or interpolated character models. After this, tf_ commands will be detailed, which generally deal with server-side tasks specific to Team Fortress 2. Finally, after these two important command types, a further list of miscellaneous inputs (split into both player and admin variants) will be transcribed, with options usually being cross-game in nature (like the bind or net_graph commands).

cl_ Team Fortress Console Commands

  • cl_autoreload 0/1 - automatic reloading
  • cl_autorezoom 0/1 - automatic zoom after firing a bullet
  • cl_drawhud 0/1 - displaying the HUD, sv_cheats 1 needs to be input beforehand
  • cl_flipviewmodels 0/1 - viewmodels of weapons become left handed
  • cl_interp - interpolated character models, 0.034 is recommended
  • cl_showfps 0/1/2 - displays FPS, both real-time and rounded
  • cl_burninggibs 0/1 - boolean for burning gibs

tf_ Team Fortress 2 Console Commands

  • tf_dingaling_volume - volume for hits, 1 is default

  • tf_dingalingaling 0/1 - boolean for weapon sound

  • tf_allow_play_use 0/1 - use command usage (admin only Team Fortress 2 console command)

  • tf_forced_holiday 0/2/3 - enables holiday mode, Halloween or Birthday being options

  • tf_medieval 0/1 - enables Medieval mode (admin only command)

  • tf_medieval_thirdperson 0/1 - third person perspective in Medieval mode

  • tf_medigumn_autoheal 0/1 - automatic healing after clicking the heal button as Medic

  • tf_weapon_criticals 0/1 - critical hits on or off

Admin Commands

  • sv_cheats 0/1 - enables cheats (admin or offline only)

  • sv_lan - enables console variables (cvar) for LAN

  • sv_pure - cvar for custom created content

  • mp_autoteambalance - automatic team balancing (admin only)

  • TF2 001

    mp_timelimit - map time limit (admin only)

  • mp_disable-respawn_times - allows instant respawning (admin only)

  • mp_waitingforplayerscancel 0/1 - game can be started without other players

  • hud_combartext 0/1 - damage number above enemies

  • changelevel - change to new map (admin or offline)

  • cvarlist - list of all console variables

  • nextlevel - sets next map in queue

  • rcon_password - accesses remote control commands

  • rcon - executes remote control commands

  • find - search of Team Fortress 2 console commands list

  • restart - restarts the server (admin or offline only)

Player Commands

  • exec - executes a config script file
  • maps - list of maps
  • retry - retries last connection to a server
  • bind - binds a key to specific usage, like a grapple hook
  • dropitem - both the intelligence or flag can be dropped
  • kill - commits suicide
  • explode - commits suicide by explosion
  • fov_desired <70-90> - field of view setting
  • jointeam red/blue/auto - forces a team choice
  • jpeg - takes screenshot and saves as jpeg
  • hurtme - deals damage to player, negative gives health when cheats are turned on
  • zoom_sensitivity_ratio - sensitivity while being zoomed
  • net_graph <1-6> - displays things like fps, ms, ping or packet loss