Supreme Commander 2 Cheats: Console Commands for Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats: Console Commands for Supreme Commander 2
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Supreme Commander 2: Overview

Supreme Commander 2 is the second game of the Supreme Commander series of video games. A futuristic RTS, Supreme Commander 2 has all the aspects of a real time strategy game. However, the introduction of experimental units is a bold step, which has been embraced by hardcore RTS fans. Besides the campaign mode, there are some exciting skirmishes and multiplayer play support.

There’s nothing too much innovative as far as gameplay is concerned, with an exception of some changes (revolutionary units and a new research tree) here and there. To make matters worse, there’s no save- game option in the skirmish mode, which has raised quite a few brows from die-hard real time strategy fans. But, there are some very exciting Supreme Commander 2 cheats that will add some new life to the monotonous gameplay. Read the Supreme Commander 2 review to find out why the game fails in many aspects.

Cheats for Supreme Commander 2: How to Enable the Console?

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats Screenshot

Supreme Commander 2 does have some very good console-based cheats. But to enable the console, you will have to edit a game file located in the Supreme Commander 2 directory. Here is a step-by-step guide to enable the console to add cheats:

1. Your first task is to find the game.pref file.

To locate this file, you will have to go to the Supreme Commander 2 folder located in the Application Data.

a. For Windows XP users, here’s the default path: C:\documents and settings\ {user name}\Application Data\Gas Powered Games\SupremeCommander 2\game.pref.

b. Vista/Windows 7 Users will have to follow this default path: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander \game.pref.

2. After locating game.pref, open it using a text editor (preferably a notepad). Enter this line on top of the options_overrides string

debug = {enable_debug_facilities = true}

3. Next, locate the CheatsEnabled line and type ‘true’ instead of ‘false’. If you cannot locate, use the find feature or enter the above code below the **\: options = {**string.

4. Hit the save command or press Ctrl+S to save the file and close it.

Supreme Commander 2 Cheats: Invoking the in-game Console and Entering Cheats

Start the game and create a new profile. You can either begin a skirmish or a campaign. When the game begins, hit the Z key to invoke console and enter the following Supreme Commander 2 cheats.

Supreme Commander 2 Screenshot

  • Alt + N= No damage to all players and units
  • Ctrl + Shift + V=automatically creates all units mentioned inside the clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + R=bestows all research to all players (AI too!)
  • Alt + T=select your units; press this key combo and you will all your selected units transported to the cursor position.
  • Alt + Delete= This is a fun console-based command. You just have to select units and press this key combo to delete them—without any explosion fuss!!
  • Alt + F2= spawns a new unit at the cursor position
  • Ctrl + Alt + B=gives the maximum research points, mass and energy to all players

While these Supreme Commander 2 cheats for the PC provide some exciting moments, most of them bestow equal powers to all players, including the enemy AI. So, be careful while using them.