Supreme Commander, cheats and trainers, how to open up the console


Supreme commander is a strategy game developed by ‘Gas Powered games’, which is similar to any post-space age setting, where you harvest resources and build armies in order to protect your futuristic empire. It can be compared to the ‘Command and conquer’ series or ‘Total annihilation’.

If you wish to overcome the intricate difficulties by force, difficulties which are often present in strategic titles, you can bring up a console in order to enter your preferred cheat code which has a sudden effect on an aspect of the game.

Enabling cheats in your campaign

To do this you will need to locate and alter the ‘game.prefs.’ file, which can be found in the folder:

Documents and Settings/[Username]/Local Settings/Application Data/Gas Powered Games/ Supreme Commander

You can then open the file with notepad; right-click on the file and, from the drop-down menu, choose ‘Open with’ and ‘Choose from a list of programs’. After you’ve opened the file as text, type the following, above the ‘profile = {‘heading:

debug = {

Available cheats

Press ‘~’ key in order to bring up the console. Then you can type any of the following:

BlingBling – You need mass, energy and time in order to upgrade your ACU units in the game. This cheat increases your mass and energy values to 10,000 which you can use at your will.

SallyShears – This uncovers the whole map so you have the possibility to set or move your units without having to uncover your map by exploration with your units.

Nodamage – You can stop your units being damaged by enemies with this command: a kind of ‘God mode’ cheat.

RenameUnit (name) – You can select a unit to have a custom name assigned by you. You can type the desired name after the command.


Aside from typing commands into the user console you can also make use of trainers, which offer various cheats and increases for the game. The trainers are available here:

The instructions are usually included in the info or text file given in the trainer installer. You can find out how to install the trainers and how to use by consulting this appropriate documentation.

If you wish to apply more cheats to the game you can visit the following page, which has almost all the available cheats for the game: