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    • The Ultimate Aeon Super-Weapon
      The Galactic Colossus is the most powerful super-weapon in the Aeon arsenal, and arguably in the game. Built in the tradition of anime style giant robots the Colossus can utterly annihilate ground based units and defenses with its sweeping laser beam. Once one is built, it dominates the ground war
    • ACU Death: How to Avoid Losing in Supreme Commander
      The ACU is one of the most powerful units in Supreme Commander, and certainly the most versatile. It also functions as the player's in-game avatar: if the ACU blows up, its game over. But using the ACU offensively can at times be a key to victory, so using it properly is a vital skill - but risky
    • Supreme Commander 2 Review
      The latest from Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander 2 is another massive real-time strategy game which can trace its roots back to Total Annihilation. But while the previous games in this franchise were niche, this game tries to be more accessible. Does it work?
    • Supreme Commander Review: Big Battles Bring Big Headaches
      Supreme Commander promises warfare on a massive scale, and it delivers. When it comes to showcasing chaos, no other RTS can match this game. But Supreme Commander is marred by technical difficulties and poor pacing, ruining an otherwise excellent strategy game.
    • Supreme Commander 2 Unit Guide: Cybrans Rule, UEF Drools!
      Join the fight for Cybran independence! The Cybran unit guide gives players of Supreme Commander 2 all the information they need to defeat other players in any match of Supreme Commander 2.
    • Supreme Commander 2 UEF Units: For the Empire!
      The UEF forces consist of numerous units which fill specific roles. All UEF players need to know where each unit falls into place in order to be as effective as possible. This UEF unit guide explains the purpose of each unit available.
    • Supreme Commander 2 Cybran Experimentals: Cyborgs Rock!
      Did you ever want to build a gigantic robotic dinosaur and then blow the hell out of enemy robots with it? If so, the Cybran have you covered. This experimental unit guide covers the Cybranasaurus Rex, the Bomb Bouncer, and other interesting Cybran experimentals.
    • Supreme Commander 2 Guide: Illuminate Experimentals
      The Illuminate's land army can be weak compared to the UEF, but they make up for it was their experimental units. Many of the most powerful experimental units in the entire game belong to the Illuminate. This guide will help you wreak havoc with them.
    • More Destruction: Best Supreme Commander Mods
      Supreme Commander is a big game, for people who want big armies, big units that make big noises, and even bigger explosions. But if the stock game is not enough for you, don't worry - there are several mods out that can help fulfill your appetite for widespread carnage.
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