Experimental Units in Supreme Commander 2

Experimental Units in Supreme Commander 2
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Supreme Commander 2 Units

If you’ve played the first installment of this popular Real-time strategy game, developed by Gas Powered Games, it is likely you’ll want to get your hands on its sequel. Having received mostly favourable reviews, the new Supreme Commander looks more stylized, slicker and with richer details than its predecessor.

In this article we will be focussing on some of the newly available units in the game, even though the game sports less units and buildings than its predecessor. Included in the article are the new Noah units together with Bomb bouncers and Pulinsmash. If you are eagerly waiting to buy the game and want to find out how each unit looks and what it does, read on!

Three New Experimental Units

The text in the brackets represents a faction.


(Cybran) Bomb Bouncer The bomb bouncer is a Cybern experimental unit of quite some power, but also very useful for defensive purposes against in-coming aerial attacks. You may be asking “Why the Bomb-Bouncer?” The unit is actually covered by a massive shield which protects every land unit underneath it and deflects any attack, turning it back on its enemy. This logically damages the very enemy who initiated the attack in the first place. The Bomb-bouncer also has a powerful weapon called Mega-blaster which, after having charged up, can inflict massive amounts of damage from its shield to all aerial units in the vicinity.

(Illuminate) Pulinsmash – The illuminate faction is known for their teleportation and hover tech in SupCom 2, previously being the Aeon Illuminate faction but now changed for more power. The Pulinsmash somewhat shows the application of the Illuminate’s tech and artistic side, moving like a huge tank by two massive continuous tracks and featuring the devastating ‘Vortex’. The unit opens up four-arms and spins rapidly creating a centrifugal force and literally sucking all units in the vicinity in it! The first unit simply spins but watch as it draws more units inside this vortex and they start smashing against each other. Outrageous

(UEF) Noah Cannon

(UEF) Noah Cannon – This is one of the most powerful experimentals in the game, which allows you to first build units inside it and then launch them (for example launch a Sharp shooter, a Titan, a Rock Head) into enemy territory. The fire-rate is pretty rapid, allowing you to launch about 20-21 units per-minute, hence an arsenal of these can overwhelm your enemy with hordes of land units for surprise attacks. Don’t forget that, although powerful, the units which you launch are still vulnerable to enemies unless you take the necessary precautions (i.e. upgrading your land units for example). For more info on the Experimental units visit: Supreme Commander 2 Experimental units Guide: UEF

Here are three brand new “Supreme Commander 2” units: keep an eye out for further articles with the many other units found in the game!