Stronghold PC Game Guide - Industry Buildings In Stronghold PC Game - Buildings Guide for the Original Stronghold PC Game

Stronghold PC Game Guide - Industry Buildings In Stronghold PC Game - Buildings Guide for the Original Stronghold PC Game
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Introduction to Stronghold Industry Buildings

Before you can build walls or dig pitch ditches, or even build other buildings in Stronghold, you will need to make use of your villagers and put them to work in the various industry options in the game.

Depending on the map, not all industries are available to use. Altogether there are seven types of industrial building you can make use of in the game. These buildings, their resource cost and their product output are detailed below.

Industry buildings are depicted by a hammer on the buildings panel. The seven industrial buildings you can build in Stronghold are: Iron Mine, Marketplace, Ox Tether, Pitch Rig, Quarry, Stock Pile, and Woodcutter.

Iron Mine

Iron mines are used to mine iron and are placed on areas of iron ore. These areas are signified by patches of reddish rocks and are usually found on hillsides. Iron ore is used to supply your blacksmiths and armourers with the resources needed to make weapons and armor for your troops. Iron can also be traded in the marketplace.

Building an iron mine costs 20 wood and uses 2 workers. Each worker can carry one iron ingot from the mine to the stockpile.

Market Place

The Market Place

The Marketplace is used to buy and sell resources, although only certain resources can be traded depending on the map you are playing. In free-build mode, the market has no such restrictions. Items which can be traded include the raw materials mined from industry buildings, food, and weapons.

The marketplace has an infinite stock of items in supply and never runs out.

Building a marketplace costs 15 wood, but has no worker cost.

Ox Tether

The Ox Tether

The Ox tether is used to transport stone from the quarry to the castle stockpile. Each Ox can transport eight blocks of stone. Its often a good idea to have more than one Ox tether when using quarries to help speed up the transportation of the resource.

Ox tethers cost 10 wood each to build, and use up one worker.

Pitch Rig

The Pitch Rig

Pitch rigs are used to collect the highly flammable pitch from those swampy areas in the map. Pitch rigs need to be placed on active Pitch areas, which can be identified from bubbling areas of the swamp. Pitch is used in the digging of pitch ditches, which can be highly effective when defending your stronghold against enemies.

Pitch rigs cost 20 wood to build and use up one worker.


Stone Quarry

Quarries are used to mine stone which can be used in castle walls, gatehouses, towers and occasionally barracks buildings depending on the map being played. Quarries are placed on the white rubble areas of the map and require an Ox tether to transport the mined rock back to the castle. Quarries are also often targeted for destruction by enemy troops as without them you will not be able to repair damaged walls or structures.

Quarries require 20 wood to build and use 3 workers to operate.



The Stockpile is used to store all your raw materials, resources and finished products for use. They can only be built next to an existing stockpile so make sure you have sufficient space to expand your stockpile when necessary to accommodate all your resources.

Building additional stockpile space does not cost any resources, nor does it require any workers to do so.

Woodcutter’s Hut

Woodcutter’s Hut

The woodcutter’s hut is used to gather wood for use in other buildings. Almost every building and some weapons in Stronghold has a wood cost, so it makes good sense to ensure you have enough wood and woodcutters to meet demand. Woodcutters can also defend themselves against wolves and enemy troops when the need arises.

A woodcutter’s hut requires 3 wood to build, but yields 14 wood in return. They use 1 worker to operate.

Industry Buildings Strategies

Most industry buildings are likely to be built outside your stronghold’s walls. Bear in mind then that if you lose a worker while en route to the castle with resources, then you will lose that resource until a new worker is active. For a worker to become active they must travel to the industry building before any new resource gathering can begin. This can be problematic if your buildings are situated a distance away from your castle.

In the next part of this guide to the original Stronghold PC game, we’ll explore the farming and food production elements of the game

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