Stronghold 2 Hints and Tips for the Path Of Peace Campaign - How to Succeed in The Kings Beacon Mission

Stronghold 2 Hints and Tips for the Path Of Peace Campaign - How to Succeed in The Kings Beacon Mission
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Stronghold 2 - The Path of Peace Campaign

Stronghold 2 is the third game in the popular series by Firefly Studios and follows on from Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader.

Like its predecessors, Stronghold 2 is a real-time strategy and micro-management game set in Medieval times and the player can choose to play either the Path of War campaign or the Path of Peace campaign.

In this, the first in the series of Stronghold 2 walkthroughs, I’ll show you how to complete the first mission in the Path of Peace campaign, called ‘The King’s Beacon’. This is a straight-forward and easy mission and serves as a gentle introduction to the campaign.

Objectives to complete ‘The Kings Beacon’ mission

The player has been sent to one of the King’s four estates in order to produce resources for the kingdom. The estate borders a coastline that is notorious for shipwrecks and the player must build a warning beacon to warn ships of the dangers.

The player must also acquire 30 baskets of apples over and above those produced to feed the estate’s population.

  • Win – Build Warning Beacon
  • Win – Acquire 30 baskets of apples
  • Lose – Your Lord dies.

Starting Resources, Hints & Tips

The player begins the game in the King’s estate with the following resources.

20 wood

10 stone

10 apples

The player also begins with 8 peasants and a popularity rating of 79. Buildings that can be built in this mission are: hovel, granary, apple farm, stockpile, saw pit.

Bear in mind that the Path of Peace is an ongoing campaign. Unlike in the original Stronghold PC game, your resources and buildings will carry over to the next mission so you need to plan the placements of your buildings carefully, as well as maximise the current resources at your disposal.

The King has allocated the player with a squire who will deliver information, help and advice about the running of the estate. The squire will automatically allocate 2 peasants – monks - to the building of the beacon, so you don’t need to worry about this part of the mission as it is automated. Instead, focus on gathering enough wood to maintain the construction and harvesting apples to feed your population.


Your first concern is to position your granary.

It’s a good idea to position your granary and your food sources as closely together as possible so that harvested food can be quickly delivered into the granary to keep stocks up. If your food stocks drop to zero, your popularity will begin to fall.

Place your granary to the left of the estate’s gate next to the wall and position two apple orchards slightly to the left of the granary. Click on the granary and reduce your rations allocation to half-rations. You’ll hear a protesting voice – ‘Half rations – we’ll starve!’ – but don’t worry about this for the meantime.

By setting your rations to half rations you’ll slow down the consumption of your stocks enough that when your starting stocks are depleted you don’t have long to wait before your orchards yield a crop and your granary is re-stocked. Often, the starting stocks of apples will run out just as your apple farmers are delivering a harvest into the granary.

Keep an eye on your popularity; once it drops below 60 reset your rations back to normal. If you let your popularity drop below 50 then the population will begin to leave and you’ll have a hard job – and a long wait – until they come back.

Once you have positioned your granary and beginning apple orchards, place two saw pits just outside the estate walls. These resources will gather wood from the surrounding forest to allow you to build the warning beacon and also more apple farms.

By this point, you will have run out of wood so you will need to wait until the woodcutters return from the saw pits with fresh stocks. Once they have replenished the wood, build two more apple farms close to your granary and two more saw pits outside the estate. This will employ all of your population which help your popularity to grow faster.

The King congratulates you on a job well done!

Four apple farms wi


ll be plenty sufficient to produce the required 30 baskets, so there is no need to plant any more. You also don’t need to build any hovels in order to increase your population as you will already have a sufficient number of workers to accomplish the objectives. Having too many people out of work slows down your popularity gain and also places additional drain on your food stocks.

The monks that are allocated to constructing the beacon will automatically take the necessary wood from the stockpile. They will require ten pieces of wood to complete the beacon but each monk can only carry one piece of wood at a time. However, once you have a steady supply of wood incoming the beacon’s construction will be fairly quick.

Once the beacon has been constructed and you have gathered enough apples you will receive a congratulatory message from the King before you see the ‘Victory’ screen and can then advance to the next mission on the Path of Peace – ‘To Be A Knight’.